Divine Unity: Ontological, not Numerical

”Everything associated with unity is deficient except Him”.

Imam Ali (‘a), Sermon 65, ‘Nahjul Balaghah’ (Peak of Eloquence)

Imam Ali in this statement is describing ‘Real True Unity’, i.e. everything except the Divine Essence is limited if it is one; for God’s Unity lies in His infinity and unlimited-ness, for which a like or a second, an equal or a match is not conceivable. So, time and space, number and limit are relegated to a lower stage of Divine Acts and Creation, everything is from Him and returns to Him, and precedes everything and succeeds everything.

This is entirely and Islamic concept, first conceived by our greatest thinker, islamic philosopher and first cousin on the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Ali Ibn Abi Talib (‘a).


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