Justice or Generosity?

Imam Ali (‘a) gives two reasons why justice is the superior human quality to generosity:

First, justice puts things in their proper place, and generosity diverts them from their (natural) direction; so once justice is upheld, there would be no need for people to donate to another.

Second, justice is the general caretaker, whereas generosity is a particular reliever, i.e. justice is all-encompassing, whereas generosity is an exception to the general trait which cannot be relied upon.

This is something our Arab rulers (present and past), have decided to ignore, and we are witnessing what decades and centuries of oppression, favouritism, nepotism, and shutting up of mouths (in the best cases) has resulted in. The Arab masses have been reduced to mass-consuming sheep, their sole worry being how to satiate their bellies, produce music videos and speculate current Middle Eastern affairs, amongst many other irrelevant things. I don’t have much time or the urge to delve too much into this matter, ( I don’t think I have the upload space available to do so), but I want to give one message to our ‘loyal’ Arab ‘rulers’:
You will be highly disappointed by the upcoming events. You can scheme, but God is the best of all schemers. You can enjoy your limited time on your throwns, earned through favors to your masters, and paid with the blood of the innocent and oppressed. You have betrayed your people, you have betrayed your countries; you have betrayed your prophet and his Lord, by collaborating with the enemy (Nay! giving orders! well done! at least you are progressing somewhere!). You are partners in this crime, and you are not even ashamed to hide this fact anymore; your greed and lust for this world has blinded you of reality; people like you don’t learn from history, hence your fate will be on the same level, if not worse, of those tyrants and dictators before you.


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