Genocide – A Divine Commandment?

From an earlier issue of Cairo’s weekly english online, this fine piece by Saleh Al-Naami, sums up what we’re dealing with in Palestine.

Imagine if it was a Muslim religious authority from Sadr City in Iraq, or Damascus in Syria, or any Arab/Muslim state, announcing vile calls for mass slaughter to the world. How long before those cities are flattened with 1000 ton bombs? First, Muslim religious leaders COULD never advocate genocide to ANY people, since such racial hate idiology only exists in the minds of the imperialist supremacist terrorists of the western governments and the zionist entity. Second, the west doesn’t need any more excuses to destroy anything, be it living or material, since they have been given a free-hand in Palestine with little (no) obstruction, and this will only encourage them to commit even greater attrocities in their upcomming wars.



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