Start of the Propaganda Wars

Looks like the zionist electronic propaganda warfare machine has unleashed the ”experts” and ”analysts” of Middle East politics onto the mainstream, to counter the battered image of the zionist entity commonly known as Israhell, after their second defeat in 2 years at the hands of the brave Palestinian men and women and children of Gaza.

First, a look at the right-wing ‘New Republic’, and the lame attempt of two ”Expert Analysts on Middle Eastern Affairs”, trying to associate Hizbullah with the likes of the US backed Fathul-Islam and the corrupt Taleban fighters of Afghanistan and Columbian drug lords!

”…Groups like the Afghan Taliban, the Columbian FARC, and the Lebanese Hezbollah generate significant resources from the extortion fees they collect from drug cartels and poppy or coca farmers operating in their “territory.” ” How enlightening! Where’s the evidence Mr. Expert Analyst of Middle Eastern Affairs, who just happens to be jewish. No bias there of course. And how EXACTLY do you associate a political party like Hizbullah with heroin drug lords from Columbia and Afghanistan? Sorry, must be your ”expert analysis on middle eastern affairs” techniques you gained from serving in IDF or Mossad?

”While it may seem to be a contradiction for religiously oriented terrorist groups to rely on criminal activity, these groups are able to justify these seemingly hypocritical actions. In 2006, Khan Mohammed, an Afghan Taliban member convicted last May of drug trafficking and narco-terrorism, explained his involvement in the Afghan drug trade as part of his desire that “God turn all the infidels into corpses,” adding, “whether it is by opium or by shooting, this is our common goal.” ” Again, no evidence is given of Hizbullah’s dealings in this matter, but hey, as long as you mention their name in the article, you’ve convinced the reader that they are guilty by association! How appropriate!

”…. This has been a particular issue in the Tri-Border Area (TBA) of Latin America, where Hezbollah, Hamas, and others have had a presence for years. For example, in December 2006, the U.S. Treasury department designated as terrorists a number of prominent Lebanese expatriates in the TBA for their ties to Hezbollah. Immediately after the designation, the three governments in the TBA–Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil–issued a joint statement specifically exculpating these individuals and more broadly rejecting the U.S. claims about terrorist activity in the region.” Yeah, makes absolute sense ”Mr. Expert Analyst on Middle Eastern Affairs”; Hizbullah ”cells” in South America are going to bring Israhell to its knees by…..protesting in the streets of Sao Paolo and Caracass??? Again, no evidence. And if one just contemplated for one second, or if the so called ”experts” knew anything about Hizbullah and Hamas, they would KNOW that these POLITICAL parties came into existence for one reason alone: to counter the threat of the zionist entity commonly known as Israhell, to free their occupied land, and to obtain the release of all prisoners and detainees remaining is Israhelli jails.

How about mentioning the BIGGEST terrorist organisations’ involvement in using drug money to finance coups against whole countries and assassinations and the like? Or were they not given mention in your middle east expertise classes (based in Tel Aviv)? Ok, let me enlighten you dear Sirs. They are called the CIA. The Central Idiots Agency. If you want to learn more, I am teaching a class on the CIA’s activites all around the world, you’re more than welcome to join! If the price is right, of course.


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