Give me one more reason…

Have the Iran bashers left out any other way to demonize the Islamic Republic? Not that these types of accusations are worth the paper they’re written on, I just want to show how ridiculous it’s getting…

..on Iran’s first successful launch of a domestically manufactured satellite (the Guardian prefers the simple word of ‘homemade’) into space; from Reuters, via the Independent of all places (which is more and more leaning towards BBC territory!):

‘The long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit can also be used for launching weapons, although Tehran says it has no plans to do so. Analysts said the move would likely worry Israel and other states in the Middle East.’

It’s those darn ‘middle east expert’ analysts again! So many of them, one can barely keep up! Any names? Where are they from? What is they’re expertise? And I wonder who those ‘other states in the Middle East’ are. (just a note on the journalistic ‘genius’ of Reuters.. note the clever use of words in the last sentence…’Israel and other STATES..’; israhell NEVER WAS a ‘state’ and will NEVER fulfill its imperialistic supremacist dream of EVER being one).

‘Isaac Ben-Israel, a former head of Israel Space Agency, said vehicles to use satellites could also have military uses.

“If they managed to fire a satellite into space it means they can also reach Western Europe,” he told Reuters in Jerusalem.’

(you mean occupied west Jerusalem)… and there’s more…

‘The Islamic state, the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, says its nuclear ambitions have no military goals but are limited to generating electricity to meet the domestic needs.’

In this last paragraph, they’ve managed to combine in one sentence the words Islamic, oil, nuclear and military goals…how creative. Typical white supremacist way of over simplifying the world!

Alas, the last word was for the Iranians…in the least, the Guardian (after similar ridiculous paragraphs as the ones above) had the ‘decency’ to include the full comment made by foreign minister Manoucheher Mottaki on this subject:

“Iran’s satellite technology is for purely peaceful purposes and to meet the needs of the country,” he said. “Satellites are a very essential means of gathering environmental data, climate data… and lots of necessary information that we need for technological, agricultural and economic projects,” he said. “The difference between our country and some countries which have these capacities is that we believe science belongs to all humanity. Some people believe that advanced technologies belong to some countries exclusively.

“In Iran’s history, in the last 100 years, you cannot point to aggression by Iran against any nation. Iran’s people are peace-loving – they want peace with all countries around the world.”


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