Fisk’s fall from … disgrace

I’ve been wanting to write something about Mr. Fisk’s recent articles on the Independent, which have been taken out of his ”epic”, encyclopedic ”The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East” (buy this book if you’re an insomniac).

And today’s piece caught my attention right away, and I consider it the final nail in Harirri’s favourite Imperialist Briton’s coffin.

This week, we are witnessing the celebrations of the anniversary of the people’s revolution in the Islamic Republic, which has caught everybody’s interest (especially the likes of the Foreign Office funded BBC), and Mr. Fisk, having experienced it first hand, provides us with some observations of the event.

‘..– he quoted Charles Fox’s line about “how much the greatest event it is that ever happened in the world” – I thought his trust in Ayatollah Khomeini’s liberal intentions was born of wishful thinking.’ Why is that? Is it because he wears a turban and encourages the struggle against imperialist, supremacist countries and their lust for our resources? Or because he represents the real face of Islam and what it stands for? Anyway, we know where you stand Mr. Fisk.

‘The size of the street demonstrations in Tehran – a million one day, one and a half million the next – gave the Iranian revolution a mesmeric quality. It was anarchic, animalistic, ritualistic, very definitely Shia, but, in its earliest days, strangely moving.’ I had to read this paragraph more than once to make sure I was reading it right. ‘It was anarchic, animalistic, ritualistic VERY DEFINITELY SHI’A….‘ so are we supposed to read that as ‘a shi’a revolution, with an anarchic, animalistic, ritualistic feel’, or ‘the revolution was anarchic, animalistic and ritualistic, which is very much what shi’ism is about’? Either way, this shows exactly why Mr. Fisk knows as much about the Middle East now, as he did 30+ years ago, first reporting for The Times based in Beirut.

I think we can safely add any commentary related to Iran to the list of Fisk articles to avoid.


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