Advice (Wasiyyah) to Abu Dharr by Prophet Muhammad (sa’aw)

Here I give an excerpt of the advice given by the Holy Prophet (sa’aw) to Abu Dharr Al Ghifarri, a close companion and ‘adobted’ family member of his Infallible Household.

Oh Abu Dharr! “Worship Allah as if You see Him and if You weren’t seeing Him (You must understand that) surely He sees You. Know You that the first of worship of Allah is (Ma’rifa) gnosis, for He is surely the first before every other thing, so there is nothing before Him, The singlemost without any second, the continuing but not to an end. He is the Creator of the heavens and earth and whatever is in them and between them and He is the Subtle, the Aware, and He has power over all things; then (the second most important factor in the worship of God is) belief in me and acknowledgment that Allah sent me to all of humanity as a bearer of glad tidings, a warner, a caller (of people) to Allah by His permission and a illuminating torch of light; Then (the third most important factor in God’s worship is) the love of the people of my house, Those from whom Allah has removed (from them) every impurity and purified them a perfect purification.(33:33)

“You must know Abu Dharr that Allah, the Great and Majestic, has made the `Ahl al Bait’ in my nation the likliness of the ship of Nuh (Noah) whoever rides it is saved and whoever desires other than it is drowned. He has made them the likeliness of the Gate of Jericho among the Banu Israel, whoever enters the gate is safe.

Oh Abu Dharr! Beware of Procrastination for you are (in) today and not (in) tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow for you, be tomorrow as you are today. If there isn’t a tomorrow for you, you will grievously regret the opportunity you missed today.

Oh Abu Dharr! Be in the world as if you are a stranger or like one simply passing by as in a journey and count yourself as among the people of the graves.

Oh Abu Dharr! Does any of you wait for but wealth that will make him oppressive or poverty that will make him a forgotten thing or sickness that will destroy or old age that will not permit him to do anything but sit, or death that will finish him off, or the great deceiver, Dajjal – surely he is the most evil of those things awaited; or the hour (Day of Judgment) which is more calamitous and bitter. Most surely the worst of men in position with Allah on the Day of Judgement is he who didn’t benefit from his knowledge. He who seeks knowledge in order to divert peoples attention towards himself will surely not smell the fragrance of Paradise.

Oh Abu Dharr! Surely the rights Allah (s) has over us are greater than his servant can possibly fulfill! Surely the favors of Allah are more than His servants can ever encompass. This is why they pass night and day repenting.

Oh Abu Dharr! The pious are the masters. And the learned are the leaders. Keeping their company is increase (in good). Surely the believer sees his sin as if it is a boulder, he fears that it will fall on him and surely the unbeliever sees his sin as if it is a fly passing on his nose.

Oh Abu Dharr! He whose words conform with his deed so he is the one who has attained his share. He whose words don’t conform with his deed then he is only destroying himself.

Oh Abu Dharr! Leave that which you have nothing to do with. Do not speak of that which does not concern you, and guard your tongue like you guard your money.

On Abu Dharr! This world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the unbeliever. And no believer wakes up but is grieved in it. And how can he not be grieved in it when Allah has sworn that it will take him to Hell and He didn’t promise him that it will deliver him from it, and that he shall meet (in it) sicknesses and hardships and matters which will anger him and he will be wronged in it and won’t be helped. He seeks reward from Allah and continues to be in grief (in it)until he departs from it. And when he departs from it, he attains to comfort and honor.

Oh Abu Dharr! Allah (s), has not been worshipped with a thing like that of length of grief.

Oh Abu Dharr! Surely the servant commits a sin, so he is made to enter into heaven by it! So I said, “And how is that? By my mother and father Oh Messenger of Allah (s).” He said, “That sin in front of his eyes makes him repentant of it, fleeing to Allah (s) (from it), until he enters heaven!”

Oh Abu Dharr! Smart is the one who subjugates himself and acts for that which is after death, and weak is the one who follows his self and its caprice and then hopes in Allah so many a hope.

Oh Abu Dharr! The world is cursed! Is cursed what is in it except that by which Allah’s face is sought. And there is nothing more hateful to Allah than the world. He created it then left it so He didn’t look at it and will not look at it until stands the hour (Day of Judgement). And there is nothing more lovable to Allah than faith (eeman) in Him and abandoning of that which He ordered to be abandoned.

Oh Abu Dharr! When Allah wants good for a servant He gives him understanding in religion and makes him abstemious in the world and makes him to see his own faults.

Oh Abu Dharr! Allah didn’t reveal to me to amass wealth upon wealth. But He revealed to me, “Glorify with the praise of your Lord and be among the prostrating ones and worship your Lord until comes to you the certainty.”

Oh Abu Dharr! The world keeps our hearts and bodies busy and Allah will ask us about what we were favored with of His lawful (halal) so what about that which we enjoyed in His unlawful (haram).

Oh Abu Dharr! Blessedness is for those who are abstemious in the world, the longers of the hereafter; they take the earth of Allah as a carpet and its soil as a pillow and its water as perfume. They read the book of Allah lowly and call Him loudly and they cut themselves off from worldliness completely.

Oh Abu Dharr! Let there be for you in everything a pious intention, even when it comes to sleeping and eating.

Oh Abu Dharr! The truth is heavy and bitter and the falsehood in light and sweet and it may be that the (fulfillment of the) desire of an hour will yield a long period of grief.

Oh Abu Dharr! You will not reach the reality of faith until you see all of mankind as fools in regards to their religion (deen) and intelligent in regards to their worldly matters (dunya).

Oh Abu Dharr! Take account of yourself before you’re taken account of so your accounting will be easier tomorrow. And weigh yourself before you are weighed and prepare for the great staging; the day you will be presented, not the least of a hidden thing of you will be hidden from Allah.

Oh Abu Dharr! The one who supplicates without deed is like one who tries to shoot his arrow without a string on his bow.

Oh Abu Dharr! No man puts his forehead (in prostration) in a place of the places of the earth but that place bears witness of that for him on the Day of Judgement. There is no place that a people visit but that place starts either sending salutation on them or cursing them.

Oh Abu Dharr! The earth cries over the believer when he dies for forty mornings.

Oh Abu Dharr! A remember (of Allah) among the careless is like a warrior among the fleeing.

Oh Abu Dharr! A pious gathering is better than being alone and being alone  is better than an evil gathering and speaking good is better than silence and silence is better then speaking evil.

Oh Abu Dharr! Don’t accompany but a believer and let no one eat your food but a pious person and don’t eat the food of the evil doers.

Oh Abu Dharr! Give your food to eat to one who you love for Allah and eat the food of one who loves you for Allah (s).

Oh Abu Dharr! Surely Allah (s) is with the tongue of every speaker. So let every man fear Allah and know what he is saying.

Oh Abu Dharr! Leave excessive speech and is enough for you what you reach by it your need.

Oh Abu Dharr! It is of respect to Allah to honor an old muslim man, and to honor a carrier of the Qur’an who acts by it, and to honor a just ruler.

Oh Abu Dharr! Has not acted, the one who has not guarded his tongue.

Oh Abu Dharr! Do not be a seeker of faults (in others) nor a person who over praises (others in there face) , nor a defamer nor a wrangler.

Oh Abu Dharr! A servant continues to increase in distance from Allah so long as his behavior is bad.

Oh Abu Dharr! A good word (of advise) is sadaqah (charity) and every step you take towards Salat is (also) sadaqah.

Oh Abu Dharr! Be more concerned about doing deeds with piety than just doing deeds. Because it is not deemed little, that which is done with piety. And how can a deed be deemed little which is accepted? Allah (s) says, “Allah only accepts from the pious.”

Oh Abu Dharr! A man can not be among the pious until his accounting of himself is stronger than the accounting a (business) partner takes of his partner. So he knows from where his food comes from and from where his drink comes from and from where his cloths come from; from a lawful means or from a prohibited one.

Oh Abu Dharr! Whoever doesn’t care from where he earns his money, Allah (s) doesn’t care from where He will enter him into Hell.

Oh Abu Dharr! Whoever it pleases that he may be the most honorable of mankind, let him fear Allah.

Oh Abu Dharr! The most beloved of you to Allah, magnificent is His praise, is the one who remembers Him most. And the most honorable of you to Allah is the most pious among you, and the most saved of you from the punishment of Allah is the strongest of you in awe of Him.

Oh Abu Dharr! Surely the God-fearing are they who are careful concerning those things which people are not generally concerned with, out of fear of falling into that which is doubtful.

Oh Abu Dharr! The king of religion is piety and its crown is obedience.

Oh Abu Dharr! Be pious! You will be the best in worship among mankind and the best of your religion is piety.

Oh Abu Dharr! The Virtue of knowledge is greater than that of worship. And know you that if you prayed until your back becomes bent and you fasted until you became thin as strings, that would not benefit you unless it is done with piety.

Oh Abu Dharr! Surely the people of piety and abstinence in this world, they are the real friends of Allah.

Oh Abu Dharr! Whoever does not come on the day of Judgement with three qualities he has surely lost. So I said, “What are the three, may my mother and father be sacrificed for you?” He said, “Piety that prevents him from that which Allah the Great and Majestic has made haraam for him, and clemency (hilm) by which he refutes the ignorance of the fools and good manners (Khuluq) with which he deals with the people.


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