Reading List

I’ve put together a short reading list (only the list is short, not so the reading material!), in order to commemorate and contemplate and remember our beloved Prophet (sa’aw), as tomorrow (28 of Safar) marks his death anniversary. And considering the current wave of anti-anything to do with Islam and Muhammad (sa’aw), I found it a good occasion and chance to shed some truth to the increasing falsehood that is filling the world of mass communication.

1) A very good introduction into the character of the Prophet (sa’aw), and explanations of the concept of ‘Seal of the Prophets’, inThe Prophet and Prophetic Tradition – The Last Prophet and Universal Man’, by Syed Hossein Nasr, taken from his book ‘Ideals and Realities of Islam’.

2) Then we have the classic biographies; also here, here and here. And also the very importantRestatement of the History of Islam & Muslims’, by Indian scholar Sayed A.A.Razwy, which gives a very good account of his life in the early chapters, with comments by western historians.


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