Sayyed Nasrallah: Palestine’s Nakba is the Whole Nation’s Nakba

Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking in a live address broadcast on Al-Manar TV where he recalled Nakba (Catastrophe) that took place in Palestine 61 years ago.
“Brothers and sisters, the first topic that I would like to address is the Nakba; …. When commemorating Nakba, we have to underline the fact that this entity was founded on massacres, exodus and is still based on occupation. Therefore this cannot be a legitimate entity. The establishment of this aggressive entity in the heart of our Arab and Islamic region 61 years ago, is the main reason for all wars and wows in the regions, and therefore the past, present and next generations will have to deal with the repercussions of planting this cancerous body in the region. … Schemes were set to push the Palestinian people to yield to the status quo, to surrender and to relinquish their legitimate rights. Since the beginning, plans to settle Palestinians (outside Palestine) and finding an alternative country as well as autonomous rule in Gaza and the West Bank were put on the table. 61 years after this collusion on the people of Palestine, and in front of this people’s steadfastness, we can’t but praise this people and its armed resistance and the martyrs, as well as the determination of the families, the injured, the 11,000 detainees and the refugees.”

“The second topic is the Israeli maneuver. … First, what is this maneuver and what are the Israelis doing? Second, What are the probabilities? Third, what is required and how we should act?
Since the end of the July war (2006), there has been consensus in Israel, whether the government or the military, security apparatuses, the media and the public opinion that the war on Lebanon was an utter failure. We followed the Winograd report and the terms it used, frustration and flaws, which exposed the handling of the war by the government and the military command as well as the security cabinet. …. There had been large scale maneuvers recently, including Juniper and Turning point 1 that was focused on the command and the home front. It was a maneuver at the level of the entire entity. The Spring Flower maneuver and the North Winds offensive maneuver in the north and other offensive exercises at the level of the general staff.”

“This morning, the Israeli army radio said that the Israeli Air Force was conducting exercises all over the entity. Moreover, Turning Point 3 maneuver will take place between May 31 and June 4. This drill will be at the level of the whole Israeli entity. It is a windup of Turning Point 1 and 2. They describe it as a large scale exercise with the aim to lift the national state of readiness in case of a military confrontation in which the home front would be part of the battlefield. The Israeli Deputy war (Defense) minister says that ….the whole entity, the hospitals, the shelters, the government, the armed forces and the media will take part in the drill. This exercise has dimensions. He says that the goal is to introduce the culture of emergency as if war was to erupt tomorrow. (Gabi) Ashkenazi says that 2009 will ripen complicated security challenges that requires full alert. This explains the importance of this maneuver for the enemy. In short, as said by the Deputy war minister: a whole nation will engage in exercise for five days.”

“We are talking about assumptions, yet they might take place. There might be other assumptions as well. The first is to say that the top priority goal of these maneuvers is of a psychological and moral nature. Given the defeat of the invincible Israeli army, the increase in early elections and the public crisis in Israel, the maneuver aims at rebuilding trust and restoring morals, whether the army’s self confidence, the confidence of the Israeli population in its army and government or confidence between the army and the government. The second assumption is that Israel is really worried about its existence in the wake of all the mentioned developments, or at least it is worried about its strategic and national security and therefore it is doing what it perceives as necessary to face any danger, thus the drills will have a defensive dimension. The third probability, let us put it the framework of intimidation, is aimed at sending a strong message to the whole region, the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria, Arab peoples and Arab governments, Iran and the rest of the world, that Israeli is not weak, broken or hesitant as you think it is, because Israel is powerful, capable, superior and mighty and will face everyone. They also want to say that Israel is capable of crushing everybody and ready to engage in war at the level of the whole entity. The message is for the Palestinians to yield to status quo because they want to take them to a limited autonomy in a Jewish state, consequently targeting Palestinians in lands occupied in 1948, displacing Palestinians in Quds, pressing forward with building settlements. The message is also for Syria that is looking forward to liberate its occupied lands. It is a message to all Arab peoples and governments to tell them that Israel will not stop building settlements, continue the Jewdaization of Jerusalem and displace Palestinians, while you – Arab governments – do whatever you want; this is Israel that is armed from head to toe, the ready-for-war Israel. The message of intimidation is also for Lebanon. They want to say that we killed you and we will keep on killing you. Official security officers believe Israel is preparing for a large security event in Lebanon. They say that their fighter jets are violating our airspace and their spy networks are infiltrating our families and our villages, so we must not think of defending ourselves and we must only yield to any Israeli aggression. It’s a message to Iran, that Israel will not tolerate the nuclear issue, and if we (Israel) take action, you (Iran) can’t threaten us, for this is Israel, ready for any reaction. The fourth and last assumption which we cannot ignore is that Israel is planning a new blitzkrieg. We notice that the Israeli rhetoric is about sudden reactions. At least they know that in this present stage, no one is seeking to open a front with Israel, so why do they raise this issue? This suggests that Israel is considering a military or security activity that could lead to sudden or unexpected reactions and therefore, the whole entity must be prepared to act within seconds or minutes, since Israel will start the aggression.”

“This and every other probability is taken into account. We do not have information and we cannot decide on the option Israel will adopt, so we have to take all options into account. How should we act? First, I want to say that we do not tend to believe that the zionist enemy will wage war. The security question remains open because they can seize any moment to launch a large scale aggression. However, we tend to say that this probability might not be a strong option, but bear in mind that this is only an assessment. Assessment is something and precautionary measures are another. We have to stay alert. We have been following up these maneuvers since the end of the July war. We have shed light on this particular maneuver and we raised the issue at the national dialogue conference on the defensive strategy. MP Mohamad Raad informed the participants about the gravity of the maneuver and told them that as a country near this aggressive entity, we ought to be on full alert.”



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