Sayyed Nasrallah: Awareness Main Factor For Resistance to Exist

32d6c10c-acaa-483a-9efa-395ccbc5f63eHezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah congratulated on Wednesday the nation for the days of liberation and victory that have made a new glory and created awareness in our nation.

Speaking in a live address broadcast on Al-Manar TV during the permanent conference of the resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah detailed four main strength points for the resistance today: awareness, credibility, mobilizing ability and memory.

“From the very beginning and until the goals are achieved and the battle is accomplished, we have been engaged in the battle of awareness in our nation and our enemy’s awareness. Memory is part of this battle for awareness that we are all engaged in. I do not need to emphasize the importance of awareness as a factor of triumph for the resistance movement, the rise of the nation and its achievement of defending its sovereignty and existence; in a few words, awareness is not a factor but the most important factor for the rise and persistence of any resistance movement. Awareness is the main condition for a resistance and a revolution to exist. Religiously speaking, the first necessary step for Man’s path towards Allah is awareness. If Man does not wake up, does not have awareness about his being and in which direction he should move, his movement will be purposeless.”

“Of the main results of the year 2000 victory were the second intifada, the July (2006) victory, the steadfastness of Gaza during the recent war. The most important consequence of this chain of events is that they hit the core of the Israeli awareness. No matter how hard Arab media outlets try to undermine the triumph of the resistance, they will never convince enemy leaders or enemy elites that what struck Israel was not defeat.

“In our fight for awareness, we have moved from the defensive to the offensive. The media and psychological fight  goes along with the epic battles of our fighters. In this battle for awareness, there are a series of power factors that we need to concentrate on to evolve our advantages.
First, we have the force of righteousness. This means that the cause that we are fighting the occupation for is a just and legitimate cause, unlike the artificial cause of zionism. If they went to Uganda or any other place, they would have needed a different kind of organization, because the zionist concept on which the occupation of Palestine was founded on, is based on sham. In contrast, as a resistance, we are not seeking major political interests or theories to create doctrines for them. We are in a confrontation and we always invoke our distinct right. There is a land called Palestine, a land called Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt..and there is a people called the Palestinian people living the Palestinian soil that they own. This people have the right to self determination. And then came those who sought to uproot a large portion of this people, to kill-massacre them, to throw them in exodus camps and to deprive them of their rights so as to build a state called Israel.”

“In every religious, legal, moral and humanitarian standard, we are in front of a clear-cut cause. Of the main power factors for the resistance, be it for awareness, making awareness or practicing it in the battlefield, is its belonging to a distinct cause. If we searched the whole world for struggles between countries, between peoples, between axes we would never find a more distinct cause than that of the resistance’s struggle with zionist enemy and the zionist project in the region. When man reaches this level of ultimate lucidity, nothing else matters, right? I would not matter if death came to him or he went to death. When the world wonders about the secret of the legendary steadfastness of the resistance fighters and the peoples in Lebanon and Palestine, we say that the real secret is not politics, not the organizational formation and not the course of the battle; they proceed armed with a background of rightness and justness and this is when young men and elders alike face death without fear or hesitation.

“An additional strength point for the resistance is its ability to mobilize. We belong to this land, to this region, to its civilization, to its rich culture, to its poetry and literature, to its knighthood, its passion, its Torah, its Bible, its Quran and therefore we have so much heritage that enables us to fight a real battle for awareness based on culture, literature, enthusiasm..There is no doubt that Quran had a great impact on the drive of the resistance and support and steadfastness of the people who had suffered and sacrificed. The Quran speaks about jihad, pride and dignity. It speaks about what the mujahideen should expect, about martyrdom, Divine support; the support that we witnessed in the battlefields and during the 2006 war.”

“The fourth point that I would like to speak about is memory; the memory of the beginning of the struggle and the Quranic education clear the way for us to learn from lessons throughout history. The strength of the resistance also lies in invoking the course of events and in refreshing our memory. The enemy bargains on time to make us forget. But we will not no matter what. Many Arabs have helped Israel because they forgot. We acknowledge and we praise all past experiences regardless of their beliefs. We respect these experiences and we found on them. We must not forget our enemy’s aggression, massacres, schemes, collusions and brutality. Similarly, we must not forget the conduct of the resistance and its accomplishments.”

“The real challenge today in the battle of awareness is the following: This is a big and new battle that we are fighting; the battle for return and the battle to determine the enemy. For years, there has been an Israeli – sometimes Arab and Israeli – endeavor to create an illusionary enemy. Sometimes they call it Iran or the Persian greed for Arab wealth, and then they invoke the Safavi conflict with the Ottoman empire. And sometimes they call the Shiite invasion or the Shiite crescent. Today, as Netanyahu took office, every time Arabs ask him to endorse the two-state solution, he responds that Iran’s nuclear program comes first. This means that Arabs and Israel should work together to solve Iran’s nuclear issue first.

In my opinion, the final battle for the US-zionist project in the region would be to cause an Arab-Iranian conflict, a Sunni-Shiite conflict. If we succeed in foiling this attempt, we would certainly destroy the US-Israeli evil mind in the region, thus become in from of a clear battle.”

Iran is the only nation that celebrates the global Quds (Jerusalem) Day on the last Friday of Ramadan. Iran changed its strategic alliances in the region when it toppled the Shah. Iran is the first to have opened a Palestinian embassy on its land. Iran clearly states that it is proud to support, unconditionally, the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine at a time others are warned not to. No one should be ashamed to say: Yes, we are in contact with Iran and we are proud of the Iranian support. We hope that all Arab governments and regimes lend a helping hand to resistance movements like Syria and Iran are doing. Iran’s the only voice standing against the zionist project. Who dares to say what President Ahmadinejad had said about Zionism, and this is not a man who leads a movement, he’s the head of a state that has interests, trade and economic relations with other countries. When Iran supported us, and it is still supporting us, to liberate our country, it did set conditions or dictates. It did not instruct us on what’s ok and what’ not ok. Even when we fail to notice it, it did not blame us, on the contrary, they understood our circumstances.
The leadership in Iran believes that it is doing its religious duty, otherwise the Islamic Republic would use Palestine as a bargaining chip for its interests. The Americans would not have any problem with that as long as it serves its project.”

“I would like to end my speech and say that the battle for awareness today is facing the scheme of sedition, the scheme of creating an illusionary enemy and misleading people about their real enemy.”


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