Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Faces New and Dangerous Challenges

In the framework of celebrating the ninth anniversary of the liberation of most of Lebanon from the Israeli occupation, Hezbollah marked Resistance and Liberation Day in the city of Baalbek.

Here are the most important points made by his Eminence:

‘Israel acknowledged its defeat three years ago and embarked on tackling its mistakes and defects. For three years, Israel has been training, conducting maneuvers and arming itself with modern fighter jets. Israel is working on restoring its broken image and strength. On the other hand, for the past three years, the resistance that defeated Israel has been engaged in arguments and discussions with those who are demanding it lays down its arms. Where is the logic in this? How can this be fair? Israel is preparing itself and Lebanon is not taking concrete action to strengthen the army and arming it, or even to adopt a defensive strategy; on the contrary, they are working on eliminating the element of strength that achieved victory in the 2006 war.’

‘We have been calling for building a strong state and we will be very relieved to have a strong state, but who is ready to finance and arm the Lebanese army? After all these experiences, we all know that the US and the West as well as the vast majority of world are not willing to arm the Lebanese army against Israel. Their justification is that the weapons will reach Hezbollah; this is ridiculous. Hezbollah has enough weapons that can destroy the Israeli army’s divisions; it does not need the weapons that the US will give to anyone in Lebanon. The real reason is that the US does not consent giving the Lebanese army weapons to fight Israel. Who is ready to arm the Lebanese army? Vote for the opposition and then I will tell you who. For instance, did the government ask for weapons from Syria and it said no? I followed up President Sleiman’s visit to Iran. True, Iran did not offer arms to Lebanon and will not offer, because this is not logical. But, until this moment, Lebanon did not ask for weapons from Iran. If Iran had offered to arm the Lebanese army, they would have said that Tehran wants to push Lebanon into war and include it in the Syrian-Iranian axis. This is why no one should wait for Iran to offer arms, however any Lebanese government in the future will have to ask Iran for arms. The US Vice President brought us a few tanks and a few cannons; what are they good for? Had Lebanon asked Iran for weapons, what would the Islamic Republic’s response be? Will it help Lebanon or not? I know the answer but I will not say it; you all know it. I know that Iran and Imam Khamenei in particular will not withhold anything that could render Lebanon a strong and honorable country, without preconditions. I tell you this: if the opposition alliance won the upcoming elections and formed a national government, it will work on having a strong national army capable of defending Lebanon. They ask us to hand over our arms to the Lebanese army. This cannot be because the types of weapons we have are of no use for a regular army; they are only useful for a popular resistance.’

‘Yes, the war that the zionists are threatening to wage is still standing, though unlikely. They know very well that Israeli wars have failed in the past and they will fail in the future to eliminate the resistance. This is why they will probably continue working on assassinations as they did with our dear brother martyr Imad Moghniyeh. This also explains the huge number of spy cells and collaborators seeking targets. Yet, the most important and most dangerous challenge that we are facing is the persistence of Shalom’s strategy after 2000, that is to introduce Hezbollah as a terrorist organization that attacks nations and peoples and threatens international security. The worst is the attempt to accuse Hezbollah of assassinating martyr Rafiq Hariri so as to create sedition in Lebanon. Our information is that the Der Spiegel report is Israeli made and this accusation is Israeli made. You have noticed how the Israelis swiftly launched statements which, unfortunately, speak clearly of the entity’s relation with the international investigation. They have been making schemes against Hezbollah and the arms of the resistance as well as its popular base. They have been preparing security, military and political schemes while others have been working on redirecting the course of the Hariri investigation against Hezbollah because they have consumed everything within their reach. They have killed Sayyed Abbas, they have killed Hajj Imad, and they have destroyed homes and waged wars in vain. They are facing a resistance that believes in what Imam Khomeini had said: ”Kill us and our people will become more aware”. What is the worst thing they can threaten us with? Death? Our answer is clear. It has been our answer for hundreds of years; the answer that our fathers raised us on: ”You threaten us with death? It is hour habitude to be killed and the honor Allah has granted us is martyrdom.”

‘We are facing an election in which the US administration is directly involved in, not through a Secretary of State by through the US Vice President in person. If they had the capacity to spend more money to bring Obama to Lebanon they would have went for it. The elections we are facing are also plagued with rumors. Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad speaks about elections but does not interfere in them and does not call for voting for this group or against that group. What Ahmadinejad does is analyzing what the situation would be like in case the opposition won the elections; he says that in this case things will change and the resistance will be stronger. What’s astonishing is that all those who commented on President Ahmadinejad’s words have not yet commented on (Israeli Defense Minister) Ehud Barak’s threats to Lebanon; when he warned the Lebanese against voting for Hezbollah and said that if the opposition won, the Lebanese people will have to face the might of the Israeli army! The might of the Israeli army has been crushed under the feet of our children, not only our fighters. Barak still thinks that this is 1948, 1967 or 1982. The triumph of the opposition means that the rulers of Lebanon will be true believers that Lebanon’s strength is in its power not its weakness. It means that those who will rule in Lebanon will not be intimidated by Israel’s threats. It will be your decision on the 7th of June.’



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