British Orientalism

I’m only commenting on this lazy Robert Fisk piece, because I want to expose what is widely considered in the west as a british orientalist view of Lebanese politics and internal affairs. And considering Fisk is a resident of Beirut since 198X, he is also considered a reliable and educated source of middle eastern reporting.

This lazy piece proves the contrary. An israeli ‘expert’s’ ASSISTANT on middle east affairs, reporting for the new york times or dare I say, the jerusalem post, would have written as less biased, and more thoroughly researched piece.

I’m more than happy to contribute to his retirement fund, if it takes him off the ‘opinion’ section of the Independant; nay, if it will prevent him from writing any british orientalist babble.

‘…it is becoming increasingly obvious that some of the “intelligence” behind these detentions – and more than 50 people in all have so far been questioned – came from the Shiite Hizbollah, who are, of course, Syria’s and Iran’s best friends in Lebanon… So are the intelligence authorities in the country back to their old tricks of hooking up with Hizbollah?’

Increasingly obvious?? How is that Mr Fisk? What do you see that us Arabs and Lebanese can’t see which makes it so obvious Hizbullah is the one uncovering all these israeli spy networks? And what a tragedy it is!! How dare they protect their own contry from foreign infiltration and sabotage! The fact that one of these spies was found hiding tens of kilos of TNT, detonators, guns, RPGs and God knows what else, doesn’t even slighlty register as a positive development in decades of collaboration with the sole enemy of Lebanon, corruption and negativism??

‘This is not an idle question, because Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah’s chairman, is now demanding that Lebanese “collaborators” of Israel be executed. Mr Nasrallah, it should be remembered, is the man who kicked off a war with Israel in 2006, in which more than a thousand Lebanese were killed, and then called it a “divine victory”.

He enraged many Lebanese even more last week by describing the Hizbollah’s temporary armed takeover of West Beirut last year as a “glorious day”, even though dozens of Lebanese were killed.’

I’m not going to try and prove the contrary of his first accusation, as it’s been clearly stated in many media sources that it israel had planned many many months ago to attack lebanon, and the ruling party used the run-up to the elections as their time to do that. Hizbullah capturing soldiers (on their side of the border!) is a common tactic, to exchange for prisoners held by the zionist entity.

And the enraged lebanese (Hariri & co, Ja’ja’ & co), were the ones arming militias using weapons provided by their best pal America to instigate sectarian strife in the country and bring it into civil war. Hizbullah managed single handedly to prvent that from happening.

The rest of the article is even more irrelevant and clearly shows that Fisk on Lebanon is just a mouthpiece for the Future Movement & co.


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