Gucci Revolution

Stop what you’re doing and pay attention….. ”The Gucci wearing Twitter generation of northern Tehran (and those funding the coupe attempts) ” have spoken!And these are their demands (editors emphasis, via here ):

1. Remove Khamenei from supreme leader because he doesn’t qualify as a fair supreme leader.
2. Remove [President Mahmud] Ahmadinejad from president because he took it forcefully and unlawfully.
3. Put [Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali] Montazeri as supreme leader until a review group for the ghanooneh asasi [constitution] is set up.
4. Recognize [losing presidential candidate Mir Hossein] Mousavi as the official president.

5. A government by Mousavi and start a reform of the constitution
6. Free all political prisoners without any ifs and buts, right away.

7. Call off any secret organization such as gasht ershad [morality police].”

We have come from alleged vote rigging to regime change in under a week! Now that the Supreme Leader has officially and firmly backed President elect Ahmedinejad, it is up to the people to stand beside its’ leader and expose the lies and treacherous agendas of the western backed ‘reformists’.


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