Attack on water brings sanitation crisis

This is Zionism.

Via Electronic Intifada:

Biddun mey, fish heyya,” they say in Arabic for a universal truth: “Without water, there is no life.”

”The destruction caused by Israeli shelling, tanks and bulldozers throughout the Strip further damaged Gaza’s sanitation network, causing 150,000 cubic meters of untreated and partially treated sewage waste water to flow over agricultural and residential land and into the sea during the attacks. The daily average of wastewater being pumped into the sea is still a staggering 80,000 cubic meters.”

Government sources say that more than 800 of Gaza’s 2,000 water wells were destroyed or rendered not useable from the last Israeli attacks.

Central Gaza also suffered. The Sheikh Rajleen Waste Water Treatment Plant, the largest in the Gaza Strip, was shelled, causing pipelines to rupture and raw sewage to flood more than a square kilometer of agricultural and residential land.”

The water problems extend beyond consumption of tainted water. The Gaza health ministry and WHO have issued swimming advisories, listing seven extremely polluted areas as high-risk for diarrheal and skin diseases.

Khaled al-Habil, a fishermen at Gaza city port, says the waste-polluted sea is destroying marine life.

“If you open the fish up, they are black inside. Not like normal fish. The sewage is destroying the fish. People who swim in the water at the port, their skin becomes irritated, like a rash,” al-Habil said.

“I’m a fishermen, I know fish. But there are others who don’t know it’s from the port, who buy and eat them,” he said.”


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