From AmeriKKKa with love

The other day I had an argument with a guy who believes that amerikkka and it’s allies need to stay in Iraq to keep the peace. I guess the defect in our genes making us more barbaric and violent and thirst for each others blood, than any other nation in the world, requires a more superior and more moral nation to watch over us. After all, what do Arabs know about freedom and liberty, let alone morals?

So, here’s a little taste of ameriKKKan freedom and liberation. After watching this, I’m willing to take back anything I said about ‘alleged’ war crimes against the western occupiers of my country, and promise to go to the nearest McDonalds and order the most expensive Big Mac Combo Meal on the menu. After watching this short clip I started to understand the Iranian oppossitions’ plight for the amerikkkan way of life. I mean, who would NOT want to be invaded by such a highly moral army?? I’m sure all those people demonstrating in the streets of Tehran are just jealous of what’s happening in Iraq!

Note: This video has been removed from youtube, so make sure you spread this around fast and far!


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