Expectation of Solace

From Martyr Mutahhari’s book ‘The Awaited Saviour’, which is a reduced english translation of original in farsi, ‘The theory of Al Mahdi (‘as) in light of the Philosophy of History’. The arabic version can be found here.

Aspiring for the realization of this human ideal has, in the Islamic traditions, been termed as ‘Expectation of Solace’. Its underlying idea is substantiated by the Islamic and Qur’anic principle of the prohibition of despair of Allah’s Mercy.

Those who believe in Allah’s universal Kindness can never lose hope, whatever be the circumstances, and can never submit to despair and despondency. Anyhow, it must be borne in mind that the principles of the expectation of solace and non-despair of Allah’s Mercy have no personal or group application. They simply refer to Allah’s general Benevolence and Kindness to the entire man kind. As for the exact nature of solace, it is determined by certain other Islamic traditions and prophecies.


A great man will appear who will uproot all corruption and mischief. This is a religiously inspired theory and it is in this context that Islam gives the glad tidings of Mahdi’s revolution. Its salient features will be:

  • Final victory of righteousness, virtue, peace, justice, freedom and truth over the forces of egoism, subjugation, tyranny, deceit and fraud.
  • Establishment of a world government (one government in the whole world).
  • Reclamation and rehabilitation of the whole earth so that no area remains waste.
  • Attainment of full sagacity by mankind, adherence to ideology and emancipation from animal impulses and undue social restrictions.
  • Maximum utilization of the gifts of the earth.
  • Equal distribution of wealth and property among all human beings.
  • Complete eradication of all vices like adultery, fornication, usury, use of intoxicants, treachery, theft and homicide and total disappearance of abnormal complexes, malice and ill-will.
  • Eradication of war and restoration of peace, friendship, co operation and benevolence.
  • Complete coherence between man and nature.

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