Seyyed Hassan: Beirut’s southern suburb against any point in Israel

Via Al Manar

Marking three years of the Divine Victory over the zionist entity in Beirut’s southern suburb, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah paid tribute to the martyrs, injured and those whose homes and properties were destroyed during the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006.

The Seyyed then mentioned a quote by war criminal psychopath, and current israeli prime minister, Netanyahu (nitin-ya-hoo), who said shortly after the war, and before he became Prime Minister (my emphasis):

‘The Six Day War enabled Israel to survive and make peace agreements. The 1967 war signaled the transformation of a state with many question marks surrounding it into an unbeatable state, that expanded its width from 12kms to 70kms. We were able to control two mountains and the Jews will no longer be thrown into the sea. Arabs felt they had to acknowledge Israel, and then we signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan and we had indications that we can go for reconciliation with the Palestinians. However, since the unilateral pullout from Lebanon in 2000 and the unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, and today, after the Second Lebanon War, the bearings have changed dramatically. It is evident that Israel today is no longer an unbeatable state and question marks – from friends and foes alike –  on the survival of the state of Israel have returned.’

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Then His Eminence continued:

‘In the past few weeks, there had been media and political uproar in Israel supported by some US and Western stances, particularly British stances. We do not believe that these threats and all this uproar indicate an imminent Israeli war on Lebanon. These threats have other goals, including psychological war. This uproar is also aimed, according to Israeli reports, at the efforts to form the Lebanese government through warning against the participation of Hezbollah in the Cabinet. It is clear that the Israelis will be vexed if a national unity government were formed in Lebanon. Another goal behind this uproar is the attempt to bring back discord to Lebanon. This is what the Israelis frankly said but the general atmosphere in Lebanon is positive regardless of some voices. A third goal is the endeavor to amend the mandate of the UNIFIL. The incident in the town of Khirbet Selem happened shortly before the release of the UN Secretary General report over the implementation of UN resolution 1701. The Americans and the Israeli raised the issue of amending the UNIFIL’s mandate. The UNIFIL has one mission in south Lebanon which is to back the Lebanese army and other legitimate forces and therefore, the UNIFIL cannot have checkpoints or raid houses. They wanted to amend its mandate to transform this force into a multi-national force as suggested back in 2006. This goal also failed due to the official stance in Lebanon that firmly rejected any amendment.

Another goal is to reopen the file of the arms of the resistance and its power. They incited the international community and pressured Lebanon, Syria and Iran and they threatened the region with war. We do not make comments on the armament of the resistance, but I would like to tell our dear Lebanese people that this precious land lies next to an aggressive and avarice entity. In a world ruled by the law of the jungle, not by the international law, one must take advantage of all past experiences so as not to be sold in the international market of politics when the right price is paid. Any people are protected by their unity, will and determination to live with dignity.’

Referring to the research studies of the western armies and intelligence officials regarding Hizbullah’s tactics he said:

‘In one of Imam Moussa Sadr’s words to the people of south Lebanon, when he was urging them to resist Israeli aggressions, he said: we will fight you with stones and with our teeth and nails…Ultimately, those who have the determination can fight and win…I hereby repeat my words with much more confidence than before: As I used to promise you victory, I promise you victory again, God willing.’

On resistance and deterrence:

‘Can we prevent an Israeli war on Lebanon? Yes we can. Can we stop Israel from thinking about waging war on Lebanon? Yes we can, by having a deterrent force. In Israel, it is not easy any more to take a decision to go to war with Lebanon. The objective of any coming war will be to eradicate the resistance, but can this current Israeli army and this Israeli government wage a war to eradicate the resistance in Lebanon? They cannot. We have been hearing about the Dahye (Beirut’s southern suburb) doctrine or the Dahye strategy based on certain ideas, but we have not yet heard any response on this, therefore it is our right to tell the Israelis that if you bomb Dahye or Beirut, we will bomb Tel Aviv. We have the ability to hit any city or town in your entity. Carry out as much drills as you want, develop your tanks’ armors and train your brigades; they will be crushed in our towns, villages, valleys and hills. There will be new surprises, so they have to think a million times before waging war on us.’

According to my knowledge of Israelis, when they jabber they are not to be feared. We should be vigilant when they are quiet, like snakes.’

Just remains for me to quote the Holy Qur’an, just as the Seyyed did in his speech:

الَّذِينَ قَالَ لَهُمُ النَّاسُ إِنَّ النَّاسَ قَدْ جَمَعُوا لَكُمْ فَاخْشَوْهُمْ فَزَادَهُمْ إِيمَانًا وَقَالُوا حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ

‘Those unto whom men said: Lo! the people have gathered against you, therefor fear them. (The threat of danger) but increased the faith of them and they cried: Allah is Sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust!’ [Al-Imran:173]


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