where to begin?

it’s getting harder for me to blog these days. not because i don’t have the material or links or topics to work with, but because there is just too much of it!!

from palestine and around the world, all you hear is the voice of falsehood and deceit, and it’s bordering on utter madness:

Amerikkka outdoes itself:

‘I think even Genghis Khan did not do this”.

Amerikkkan present to Haitians:

‘Hand washing is non-existent and raw sewage is flowing throughout the camps. Walk anywhere with peril. Human feces are everywhere, even in the ruins of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince. Open sewer grates serve as pit toilets.’

Dubai sand is better than iraqi sand:

A new report unveils that since 2003, the US military has been spending big bucks on importing sand to Iraq — a country covered mostly with sand.

Disgusting BBC propaganda (watch the video). This article of full of blatant lies and misinformation from start to finish, I’ll leave it to the reader to decipher the words of the mouthpiece of the imperialists:

‘Israeli planes have carried out 13 air strikes on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources have told the BBC.’


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