Europe’s Amnesia.

‘So what is it about Europeans that they cannot accept or acknowledge that their – my, our – culture has benefited from Arab-Muslim culture for centuries? Why feel threatened when approached by a culture that has already enriched European civilization for centuries? If Britons have such distaste for “the Other”, why do they travel abroad so much? Above all, why the arrogance that Europe is best and can only teach, not learn from, those Others?

In the Middle East, this collective amnesia and official hypocrisy manifests itself in the terminology used to report the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Every time some Palestinians are killed by the Israelis, they are “militants”; Israelis shrug off any criticism of its brutal attacks on Gaza as a response to “terrorism”. They are the masters of double-speak, Israel itself having been formed on the back of Zionist terrorism against the British and the Palestinians, and committing state terrorism against civilians for the past sixty-two years. “Terrorism” also dismisses the Palestinians’ right enshrined in international laws and conventions to resist a brutal military occupation of their land.’


Lib-Dems lobbying for votes.

Re-settling Palestinians abroad.


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