22 May 2010

While europe  is busy bailing out banks and the elite, over in america this is not making news.

A consequence of the Mabhouh killing in dubai, is that any european entering Iran, Syria or Lebanon, has become a spy suspect, irrespective of which agency they work for.

Seyyed Hassan speaking on the inauguration of a new resistance memorial in the border town of Mleita:

On Sunday, the municipal election will take place in south Lebanon. On the same day, Israel has decided to hold drills dubbed Turning Point 4, which will see Israeli settlers in north occupied Palestine evacuated into shelters due to rocket attacks from Hezbollah.
“We will witness a different scene on both sides of the border: celebrations for victories in municipal elections in Lebanon while on the other side, millions of settlers will move into shelters in the framework of an emergency plan out of fear from the resistance. On Sunday, you will not be afraid from anyone. You will celebrate the Liberation Day and you will turn this referendum into a festival while resting assure that the resistance is ready for every equation. Inshallah I will see you May 25, when we mark the Resistance and Liberation Day.”


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