European freedom of worship

Praying disturbs the peace, according to german law makers.

‘On Thursday, the higher court ruled that one pupil’s rights could not be put before the good of the group as a whole. It argued that in a school with students of various religious beliefs, neutrality was required to ensure a proper learning environment.’

If I understand this ‘logic’ correctly, when one decides to spend 5 minutes on their own in a room worshiping and remembering and disconnecting from the material world, that becomes a threat to the well-being of ‘the group’! We all need to become soul-less robotic machines ‘to ensure a proper learning environment’!

Your children going out getting drunk is OK, but allowing a 16 year old kid to spend 5 minutes in a room on his own to pray is A DANGER TO SOCIETY! You can stop him from praying, but there’s nothing you can do with the high reversion rate of your german population who’ve had enough of your soul-less immoral ideologies. Is that what you’re afraid of oh europe?

This boy deserves a medal of honor as a minimum sign of appreciation of courage and steadfastness.

Alas, where is the Muslim outcry??


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