Sayyed Nasrallah Mark’s Imam Khomeini’s Demise; Pays Tribute to Gaza Activists:

“Imam Khomeini made major accomplishments on top of which was the regeneration of the Divine, Prophetic, Islamic, and moral system in the minds and hearts of the peoples, particularly the peoples of this Umma. The effect of this regeneration extended beyond our Muslim and Arab worlds. A lot of people were inspired by his experience and values to face the tyrants and the challenges of their tough living conditions,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His eminence added that Imam Khomeini came at a time when the prevailing values had nothing to do with the values or the culture of Arabs and Muslims. “He came when the feeling of belonging was lost…He revived the culture of Jihad and rise in the face of tyrants to reject the humiliation of man. He revived the values of generosity when sacrificing ourselves and our riches until martyrdom for the sake of our sacred causes. He revived the culture of supporting the downtrodden.”

Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that not only did Imam Khomeini address the Palestinian cause, “he used to tackle issues related to the African people, Latin Americans, and a lot others who were oppressed and dying of hunger, not to mention the illiterates who had no chances in this world to get education. Imam Khomeini used to quote and cite Prophet Ibrahim because he was the common prophet between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.”

Imam Khomeini was an outspoken defender of the Palestinian cause. He dubbed the United States and its proxy Israel as the greater and smaller satans because of the oppression they were causing the world. Israel in Imam Khomeini’s conception was a cancerous gland in the Middle East that should be removed. The invasion of Lebanon in 1982 resulted in the rise of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, which will be later known as Hezbollah. Imam Khomeini dispatched Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers and trainers to train the fighters to confront the Israeli occupation. Imam Khomeini’s move paid off after 18 years when the Zionist entity was dealt its first blow by a few thousand fighters who forced the “invincible army” out of most Lebanese territories. And in 2006, those same fighters dealt Israel the second blow, only a much harder one. And today, the sons of Imam Khomeini who believe in his path, which is the path of Prophet Mohammed and his household peace be upon them, will God willing fulfill the Imam’s wish to eradicate the cancerous tumor from our region on the road to fulfilling the dram of all God’s prophets to establish justice and equity across the globe.


One thought on “03/June/2010”

  1. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the cancerous tumor. They have created a country full of hate and intolerance. Khomeini did not care about the people of Iran. He only cared about his hateful ideology.

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