Pro-Palestinian Rights Groups to join israelis in IKEA boycott

At last! The Palestinians and israelis finally agree on something!

A year ago, thousands of israelis joined a campaign to boycott IKEA in a reaction to reports coming out of Sweden, that soldiers in the ‘un-defeatable’ IOF (or israeli offensive/occupying forces) have been trading in organs (advise all to the read the whole post) illegally taken from dead victims; and not just any organs… dead Palestinian organs.

And now, we urge everyone, and in the name of all of occupied Palestine and Palestinians, to join this boycott, after it has become evident that swedish meatballs and cheap furniture are being sold to illegal settlements, yet delivery ‘policy’ prevents IKEA from serving people in the West Bank and other Palestinian occupied territories (my emphasis):

‘Swedish Radio’s correspondent in Israel, Cecilia Udden, explained that she was moving to the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank and asked the staff at IKEA Israel if her furniture could be delivered there. She reported that behind the store’s counter was a huge map of Israel that showed no boundaries for the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip, or the Syrian Golan Heights. Although IKEA’s cost of transport is calculated according to distance, to Udden’s surprise, transport to Ramallah was not possible. However, the store did inform her that furniture could be delivered to various Israeli settlements throughout the occupied West Bank.’


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