16 October 2010

‘A World without Water’

‘Playing with Water’

All my life it’s been pumped into my head that “there’s no water” and that “we must conserve water”. So it was rather strange that after 27 years, all of a sudden, “we must conserve water for only 3 years.”

Why is the National Water Authority encouraging a scary thought, such as understanding that there’s only one water source in Israel, when in fact, there are two more aquifers, larger than the Kineret lake, mentioned in their website [Hebrew]?


Let’s see if I got this right: In case of “emergency” (=threat real or imagined?)  my government can take the law into it’s own hands and stop all production, supply or consumption of water; give quicky license for whatever nutjob says they’ve got a solution to aforementioned “emergency”; steal water from private wells; force me to use government-deemed “efficient” and “frugal” “accessories”; infiltrate and close off sources of water and impose fines and jail time; give the Prime Minister all legislative powers on water; and last but not least change water prices.

‘Ahmadinejad abandons nuclear aspirations sets sights on israel’s national water carrier’

‘Reconsider Columbus Day’ – christopher columbus: father of genocide


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