Seyyed Hassan:We do not sell ourselves and our martyrs’ blood for the sake of power


His eminence said that the war on the Resistance witnessed five major phases, adding that we are witnessing the fifth phase in the framework of the campaign against the Resistance.

Quoting former US President George W. Bush and former British PM Tony Blair in recently published books, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the two men have acknowledged of the atrocities committed by them in the region. “The spirit Tony Blair and George Bush had when they came to the region was destroying countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan for the sake of Israel,” his eminence said. “Blair does not speak about changing the regime but, rather, about destroying the Syrian State.”

According to the Resistance leader, the five-phase war on the Resistance started following the 2000 victory which launched a new era in the conflict, with the Americans and Israelis, vowing to fight the Resistance that defeated them.

The first phase in targeting the Resistance was the confrontation with the international community, which had started with Resolution 1559.
He quoted Israeli former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom as stating following the 2000 victory that he did a tour around the world with the aim of putting Hezbollah and the Resistance in Lebanon in the face of the international society.
Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Resolution 1559 was an American-French production, noting that former French and US President Jacques Chiracque and George Bush were the ones behind it. “The priority for Chiracque was to impose a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon while the priority for Bush was ending the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance in order to serve the new Middle East project.”

The second phase started in 2005, and it had targeted the Resistance in a "soft" manner under the headline "Temptation with Power," Sayyed Nasrallah announced, pointing to the stage when the French wanted to engage Hezbollah in politics, thinking that the party would renounce its arms.
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the administration of former French President Jacques Chirak had its belief that engaging Hezbollah in political would end up by the party’s disarmament. “He told the president of one of the region’s states that he was concerned with ending the Resistance in Lebanon and disarming it, but through politics. He though that by engaging us in politics, we will feel that we can’t remain in the Resistance field and we will abandon our arms by ourselves.”
Sayyed Nasrallah said that Chirak has been given a deadline of one year and a half to achieve this goal because the birth of the US much-awaited New Middle East couldn’t wait more time. “We, in Hezbollah, had been offered a share of power more than any other party in Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, revealing at the same time that issue of tripartite power-sharing was a French idea. “We never considered it. I challenge all the world to find only one stance for a leader in Hezbollah or AMAL or any Shiite citizen in Lebanon speaking about tripartite power-sharing. The French are the ones who raised the issue.”
“Once again, they failed because they were mistaken and they didn’t understand us well,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “They offered us the tripartite power-sharing in order to abandon the Resistance, leave Syria and enter the Western scheme. They were mistaken. They didn’t know that our resistance is not aimed at obtaining positions in power. We do not sell ourselves and our martyrs’ blood for the sake of a third of power, not even for the sake of the entire power.”
“You were mistaken again and you couldn’t achieve anything.”

Turning to the third phase in the war on the Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah said that it was the military war, the plan to create a “New Middle East.”
His eminence noted that the US objective was not to solve Lebanon’s problem, but rather Israel’s. “We as Lebanon should not forget this US constant. The US is not concerned by Lebanon or Syria or Iraq or Iran or Pakistan or any other state. All what concerns the US is Israel’s security, Israel’s power, Israel’s steadfastness and nothing else. This is the absolute US constant.”
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the Israeli war on Lebanon was decided by the US. “Bush thought that Hezbollah could be destroyed in a week during the July War, and when the opposite was proved, Bush was disappointed and he demanded to elongate the war, thinking it was a golden chance for Israel to destroy Hezbollah. But when the Resistance proved its steadfastness and the atrocities and massacres were uncovered, the war was ended. Bush didn’t end the war to save Lebanon but rather to save Israel and to prevent the US isolation. He also says he did so to save the so-called democratic government of Fouad Saniora. This is a pure lie. He seeks to say that there’s a democracy in Lebanon and that the US is working to safeguard it. This is baseless. Bush was still at the White House when the May 7 incidents took place. What did he do to save Saniora’s democratic government?”

After emphasizing that the war has failed in achieving its goals, Sayyed Nasrallah raised some questions about some Lebanese involvement in the war. “We have the right to ask on behalf of 1140 martyrs who fell during the war whether there were any Lebanese political forces and leaderships that had asked for a war on the Resistance. Was there anyone who had asked for elongating the war so that Israel be able to destroy the Resistance? What are the roles played by these Lebanese leaderships during the war? Is there anyone in Lebanon responsible of the delay in the solution? The answer is yes.”

“Here again, you were mistaken in estimating our power and capacity as well as our faith. You were mistaken in everything.”

The fourth phase in the campaign against the Resistance was May 5, Sayyed Nasrallah said, in reference to the American-inspired decisions taken by the Lebanese government against the Resistance.
“The aim was to create tension between the Resistance and the army at one side and sow strife between Sunnis and Shiites at the other,” his eminence noted.
“The plot was thwarted on May 7, in only three hours,” Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out. “Thus, the fourth phase failed in achieving its goals,” his eminence added. “And once again, you misunderstood our priorities, our way of thinking. You were mistaken and you’re still.”

Hezbollah Secretary General then turned to the final and last phase in the campaign against the Resistance, represented by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and its expected indictment in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

“Bush’s book mentions the equation of the Lebanese government vs. the Resistance, their objective was to strike the Resistance to force it to surrender, and here they also made wrong calculations. Their logic was simply to accuse Shiite men of involvement in the assassination of the most important Sunnite leader and then issue a verdict in this regard, call the Lebanese government after it signed an agreement with the STL to arrest the men. The latter would send army troops to perform the mission. The battle will start between the army and the Resistance. This is their plot.”

“Here again, we’re facing wrong calculations. They think that Hezbollah would collapse in case they accuse it of involvement in Hariri’s murder. They’re again mistaken.”

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, reiterated Hezbollah stance towards such scenario. “We don’t accept any accusation of this kind,” his eminence declared, adding that the opposition in Lebanon is consolidated and united in the face of this new plot. “They thought the resistance will remain isolated. But this didn’t happen.”

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah was more than clear and firm in facing the plot prepared for the Resistance.

“Whoever thinks the resistance could possibly accept any accusation against any of its jihadists or leaders is mistaken – no matter the pressures and threats.”

“Whoever thinks that we will allow the arrest or detention of any of our Mujahideen is mistaken. The hand that attempts to reach them will be cut off.”
“Whoever thinks that the resistance will not defend itself and its honor against any accusation or attack by whatever means it finds appropriate, in agreement with its allies in Lebanon, is mistaken.”

“Whoever thinks that threatening us with another Israeli war will scare us is mistaken. On the contrary, whoever speaks of another war is bearing good news and not threatening us. We wait this day in which we will be able to achieve, God Willing, the greatest victory.”

Hezbollah Secretary General noted that the false witnesses in the case should be sued and prosecuted as a first step to reach the truth. “Who want truth and justice sues the false witnesses and finds out who fabricated them. Now, we’re debating whether they should be transferred to the ordinary judiciary or the Judicial Council. Then why the judiciary didn’t act until this moment? Because their real stance is that there are no false witnesses or, even better, that this file will lead to one of the greatest scandals. They’re protecting the false witnesses to protect those who actually fabricated them.”


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