The Martyr’s Revenge!

Just a few days after the assassination of one Iranian scientist and the injury of another, the zionist entity is facing it’s own tragedy, and has asked for the help of it’s allies. What goes around, comes around; but 40 times as hard!

First, exposing the real perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Tehran –

‘Iran terror attacks: MI6, Mossad, CIA’:

‘…Now evidence is being heaped against Britain and its allies over their role in the terrorist operations.

According to The Independent, “most experts” on Middle East politics and Mossad history “would agree” that the role of the Zionist regime in the attacks is “obvious”, though no organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The daily said Mossad is known for using similar assassination techniques including in the 1995 assassination of leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Dr Fathi Shkaki.

This is while, former CIA officer Bruce Riedel who has worked for 30 years as an operative and analyst on Afghanistan and Pakistan has confirmed Mossad’s role in a host of assassinations in different countries across the world.

Riedel wrote in a separate article for The Independent “Mossad, has a long history of using targeted killings to attack the enemies” of the Zionist Israeli regime.

Riedel said the spy agency has carried out many such attacks in the 1970’s and 80’s using the Israeli army’s elite commando units or car bombs and assassins.

He added Iran is now “at the top of Israeli concerns” as it is supporting the main resistance movements against the Zionist regime, Hamas and Hezbollah”….’

And a few days later …

‘Gilad Atzmon: The Burning Bush’ –

‘Disaster in the North of Israel, at least 40 dead as fire rages across the Carmel Mountains. A mass evacuation has begun.

…The fire in northern Israel is far from being a coincidence. Israel’s rural landscape is saturated with pine trees. These trees are totally new to the region. They were not there until the 1930’s. The pine trees were introduced to  the Palestinians landscape in the early 1930s  by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in an attempt to  ‘reclaim the land’ . By 1935, JNF had planted 1.7 million trees over a total area of 1,750 acres. Over fifty years, the JNF planted over 260 million trees largely on confiscated Palestinian land. It did it all in a desperate attempt to hide the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages and their history.’

‘On the southern part of mount Carmel the Israelis named an area as ‘Little Switzerland’. I have learned tonight that Little Switzerland is burned.

In spite of its nuclear power, its criminal army, the occupation, the Mossad and its lobbies all over the world, Israel seems to be very vulnerable. It is devastatingly alienated  from the land it claims to own. Like the pine tree, Israel and the Israeli are foreign to the region.’

‘Netenyahu: Israel can’t fight bushfires alone’

‘British, Greek, Cypriot planes join battle to contain Israel’s worst ever wildfire’

‘Aluf Benn – Massive fire proves Israel can’t afford war with Iran’:

‘… Under such circumstances, it is best for Israel not to embark on war against Iran, which will involve thousands of missiles being fired on the home front.

After the Second Lebanon War, which exposed how pathetic the civil defence system was, reports were written, exercises were held, but everything broke down under the stress of a real emergency on the Carmel range − an area that already experienced the trauma of Hezbollah missiles…’

‘Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who is responsible for the firemen and the head of the Fire and Rescue Services, Shimon Romah, were nowhere to be found yesterday. They are obvious candidates for losing their jobs as a result of the disaster.’

God works in mysterious ways!



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