Middle East Analysis in the JPost and Time Magazine

The fact that these two jew-controlled media outlets are playing into the wikileaks narrative of arab hostility towards Iran and its allies, and building on the american sponsored goal of a ‘new middle east’ embroiled in constant sectarian strife and civil wars, should come as no surprise to people of awareness and insight of the true plans of these satanic forces.

‘Arab World: Hizbullah’s throne of bayonets: Iran-Syria-Hizbullah axis is still highly agitated despite doubts that indictments by UN tribunal investigating Hariri’s murder can be enforce;’ Jonathan Spyer, JPost

‘.. But if this is the case, and it is, why is the Iran/Syria/Hizbullah camp so clearly jittery and worried by the events surrounding the tribunal? Why the wishful thinking in the newspapers evident this week, when the pro-Hizbullah Al-Diyar published a statement by Saad Hariri apparently abandoning the tribunal, which turned out to be entirely fictional?..’ ‘… More importantly, why the stark and repeated threats from Hizbullah and Iranian officials regarding the consequences if the Tribunal is not abandoned?’

The writer has obviously ignored more than a year of logical and rational evidence provided by Hizbullah and its allies in the opposition, calmly proving without a doubt that the zionist enemy is behind the assassination. They have nothing to hide and hence nothing to fear. They are prepared for any possibility. Of course, we cannot expect any reliable and honest argumentation from a JPost writer. Hizbullah and Iran never threatened any faction in Lebanon. Their warnings are aimed at countering the threat emanating from the false witnesses and those that back them, inside and outside the country. The resistance is warning those backers, whose only aim is the constant instability of the country, that their plans will backfire, and for any collaborators to rethink their motivations.

The rest of the article is not worth commenting on, as it is full of blatant distortions of history and incitement to the sectarian narrative of the zionist and american plan for the middle east.


Hizballah Fears ‘Qaeda’ Type Attacks from Lebanese Sunnis’, Nicholas Blanford, Time Magazine –

‘ … Hizballah’s decision to help Bakri may seem odd given that the Salafist cleric has in the past criticized the Shi’ite organization.’ and ‘ …Now I’m working to bring Sunnis and Shi’ites together on certain issues, such as confronting Israel," Bakri said in his home in Tripoli, Lebanon’s religiously conservative second largest city…’

From the above two sentences one would think that there is serious effort to put the past behind them and work towards a unified approach to resolve Lebanon’s problems, which is the reality. Of course good news like this doesn’t sell papers, and the writer soon reverts to zionist script given to him by his masters at the american embassy in Beirut.

‘With Sunni-Shi’ite tensions on the rise in Lebanon, Hizballah has been seeking allies within the small but potentially dangerous Salafist community — a sect that generally does not even recognize the Shi’ite branch of Islam.’

‘Sheikh Dai al-Islam Shahhal, the most prominent Salafist leader in Lebanon and the other speaker at the conference, said the accusations were justified. "Hizballah is threatening to change the face of the country and this is a bullying act and arrogant," he told TIME in his office in Tripoli to nods of agreement from some of his followers seated around the room. "Hizballah sees the Sunnis as an obstacle to executing its program, which is to take over politically in Lebanon and to work with Iran."’


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