More media interference from Ha’aretz on the STL

The situation has become beyond farcical:

‘Saudis urge Lebanon PM to accept compromise with Hezbollah – Hezbollah to guarantee Saad Hariri protection if he rejects international tribunal investigating 2005 assassination of his father.’

The United Nations-backed tribunal is expected to name Hezbollah, the Iranian- and Syrian-backed group with a strong presence in Lebanon’s political establishment, as complicit in the Valentine’s Day blast which killed Rafik Hariri as his convoy travelled through Beirut… In return for Saad Hariri’s cooperation, Hezbollah would guarantee that it would not harm the prime minister. The radical Shi’ite organization would also avoid any overt military activities and Hariri would be allowed to maintain his own security apparatus.’


‘Haaretz has learned that the proposed compromise involves Hariri relinquishing the demand that the international tribunal investigate his father’s assassination. He would have to make a statement in which he expresses his rejection of the tribunal’s work.

The international tribunal is expected to issue indictments in mid-January against some of the suspects in the assassination, Western sources told Haaretz. But at this stage there are no plans to release the details or the identities of the suspects.

… Despite efforts to keep things under wraps, it is also expected that information will leak and the indictments will say senior Hezbollah members had a role in Rafik Hariri’s murder.

Pressure by Hezbollah has included death threats on Saad Hariri (!!!), whose security has been stepped up, according to reports in Lebanon.’


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