New estimates of Leviathan gas well makes it biggest find of this decade

A lot of reports from different sources, with conflicting views of exactly how much has been discovered:

‘Leviathan gas well estimated at $45B – Reservoir located off of Haifa coast said to contain 453 billion cubic meters of natural gas, making it decade’s largest gas discovery.’ Ynet

Largest natural gas reserve discovered in Israel worth approximately $95 billion – More than 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered off Haifa shore in joint U.S.-Israeli drilling operation.’ Ha’aretz

In today’s announcement, only ONE article has put this gas field within disputed territory, all others (especially hebrew news) decided it’s within israeli waters:

Leviathan Gas Field Could Bring Catastrophe or Opportunity to Israel-Lebanon-Cyprus Borders – A gigantic natural gas field that could yield millions of barrels of oil was recently discovered on the maritime border between Israel, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. While it could be a military catastrophe, steps are being taken to divide the spoils.’ FastCompany


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