Hizbullah Praises Popular Intifada in Tunisia, Urges Leaders to Learn Valuable Lessons

Commenting on the Historic Developments witnessed in Tunisia, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah expresses deep pride and praises the Tunisian people’s Intifada, which leads their way towards their hoped freedom.

Hizbullah cannot but express respect for the popular will that astonished the world with its unity, solidarity, and quick reaction, which refers that the source of the truth is the people, and is represented by their free will and not through seeking foreign help.

Hizbullah believes it is the Tunisian people’s right to choose their representatives and elect who they find appropriate to rule their country.

Hizbullah calls upon leaders to learn from what has happened in Tunisia, and the first lesson should be to end the leaders’ relation with the arrogant countries that do not admit an ally or a friend, but rather cares only for their interests on the expense of those who serves them for years.

Hizbullah recalls history when the Iranian people exiled the Shah, who was not received by any of those countries he used to serve.

This is what happened today in Tunisia, where the Presidential plane did not find any airport to land in, even among the countries which Tunisia used to serve its interests on the expense of the Tunisian people’s.

The immortal firm truth in all times is that when the people depend on Allah and on their internal will, then they could achieve miracles in victory, freedom, and independence, and not through depending on foreign powers.

Hizbullah Media Relations


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