The White Man’s Slogans

I just want to show you how حاقدين (spiteful, malevolent) these israeli racists are, otherwise I wouldn’t give this criminal any time (my emphasis in red):

What we saw in Egypt is a unique development,” Meridor said. “The slogans in the square were mostly from the western dictionary, not from the Muslim dictionary. They were about freedom, about liberties, about free elections, so they were positive.”

So the chants by millions of MUSLIM and CHRISTIAN Egyptians for freedom from the oppressive rule of a western backed tyrant, has its roots in the white man’s dictionary? The white man, who has done nothing in the past 500+ years except conquer, pillage, murder, and colonize other sovereign countries around the world is going to teach us how to demand our freedom and establish justice in our land? If it wasn’t for the white man’s support of arab dictators you think those puppets would last 5 minutes??

I think the fact that he’s freaking out over the loss of ANOTHER best friend after the fall of the Shah of Iran 32 years ago, has affected his short term memory. Be prepared for more surprises Mr deputy PM.


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