The Fundamental Condition to Awaken a Nation (1)

(note: this is a quick translation of the original post in arabic)

The fundamental condition for the awakening of a nation – any nation – should have available decent principles that determine its goals and objectives, and that can set the ideals, and that draws for it trend in life, marching in its light, confident in its message and path, and aiming towards its objectives inspired from its principles, generous knowledge spiritual entity.

What we mean by the availability of decent principles in a nation, is the existence of a correct set of principles firstly, and that the nation should understand these principles secondly, and that it should have faith in it thirdly. Therefore, if the nation was able to combine these three elements, it could create for itself a real awakening and force an overall change in its life on the basis of this principle. And it should be remembered that: ‘Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves’, as indicated by the Holy Quran.

And our Islamic nation does not lack the main condition for the main constructive renaissance except one, for it has the principles of the religion of Islam, which is and will always remain forever strong as can be, to bear the burden of leadership and to guide the nation, and help it to rise from its relapse and inferiority to the state of moderation amongst the nations of the world, as God willed of her. The Islamic nation is united in believing in this principle, yet this faith is weak and limited in most cases, the biggest reason being the lack of understanding of this principle. The Islamic nation believes in the principle unanimously, yet the understanding is not unanimous, and this is the paradox which may seem strange at first glance. How can the nation believe in its principles and claim loyalty to it, yet does not have the correct understanding and knowledge of its concepts, laws and truths, but a few?! But this is the reality experienced by the nation since it suffered sectarian conspiracies, both covert and overt, at the hands of the crusaders and colonialists enemies of Islam, immense plots against our nation and its existence, that even ended with armed invasion. The sole purpose of the invaders, after the elimination of the international Islamic entity, would be to separate the nation from believing and understanding its principles.

However, as the faith in Islam, in our nation, is stronger than those plots and colonialists plans, it was able to stand firm and win the battle to retain its faith and islamic identity. Yet the point of vulnerability was the ability of the nation to understand the principles, concepts and realities of this faith, which the invaders utilized to their advantage, as a means to separate the nation from its principles and awareness.

And thus became the nation after the enemies executed their terrible plots, with no clear understanding of Islam, or know what the colonialists have fabricated as ideas and truths. In this way, we find the strange contradictions within this entity, where it is unable to understand the true meaning of Islam, yet still believing in its doctrines.

And naturally, the decline in awareness and obstruction of the bright images that Islam emanates, became the cause for the decline in the degree of confidence of the faith itself and the loss of many of its power. So the issue of the Islamic nation today – having the correct principles and believing in them – is for it to commit to the understanding of Islam and to the awareness of the realities of this religion and to elucidate its eternal treasures, so that Islam encompasses the entire entity and ideas of the Islamic nation. This will propel the nation towards true leadership of the renaissance. The general understanding of the Islamic principle is necessary, then, for the nation to complete the condition of major progress and advancement.

These ‘rays of light’ of Islam with which we’ve tried to reveal some of the treasures of Islam, which are part of an intellectual movement calling on the reformers and Islamic leaders to utilize them in order to understand the proper way how to open the world with the divine key which has been ignored all these years.

Source – Our Message’, by Martyr Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr


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