Racist Marxist on Arab revolutions

The decomposing body of the opportunist writer Christopher Hitchens, still manages to spurt more racist drivel at us and expect us to be amazed at his eloquent use of words. He doesn’t seem to realize his words have been regurgitated many times over by the western media, and have been just as eloquently chewed and spat out by our fellow Arab revolutionaries and intellectuals. But since I have a personal disgust for this warmongering marxist, I feel obliged to present and comment on his ignorantly racist views:

‘ … This really is a new language: the language of civil society, in which the Arab world is almost completely unlettered and unversed. Moreover, while the old body may be racked with pangs, and even attended by quite a few would-be midwives, it’s very difficult to find the pulse of the embryo.’

Wow, how eloquent and well versed! A helpless and dead Arab embryo, desperately seeking the white man’s helping pulse machine. Or is it the machine gun? Is this a continuation of Condi Rice’sBirth pangs of a New Middle Eaststory?

And then of course, his articles would not be complete without some Islam bashing:

‘Even if the peace agreement with Israel is abrogated, Egypt will never be able to fight another war with the Jewish state, or not without guaranteeing catastrophe. No wonder the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood turned out to sound so tinny. Does it seriously expect to take on any of the problems I have just mentioned, with its feeble, simplistic slogan, “Islam Is the Solution”? The mullahs in Iran were able to hijack the 1979 revolution because in the Ayatollah Khomeini they had a figure of almost Lenin-like authority, and because (with the covert consent of the smirking Baptist Jimmy Carter) Saddam Hussein did them the immense favor of invading one of their western provinces and cementing a hysterical national unity. The mullahs also were, and remain, partly insulated from the consequences of their economic folly by the possession of huge reserves of oil, barely a drop of which is to be found in the vicinity of the Nile Delta.’

His hatred towards Iran and Islam prevents him from speaking any rational truth, recycling the same ignorant and distorted reality to his readers every opportunity he gets. But there’s no amount of articles or islamophobic propaganda that can change the fact that Islamic Iran is not feared for it’s imaginary military nuclear program, but it’s self-sufficient economic and military advancement and strong anti-imperialist stance.


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