21/03/2011 – Spring Equinox

“Operation Odyssey Dawn” breaking for Washington –

‘The French component of the operation has been denominated Harmattan, after the dry and dusty wind that blows across West Africa. Its British counterpart is called Operation Ellamy. But “Odyssey Dawn” applies specifically to the U.S. component, so that everyone understands that it marks the dawn of a U.S. odyssey in Africa.’

Dershowitz’s radioactive plume

After stressing the right of Israel to prevent its citizens from being murdered, our law guru concludes the following:

‘This is not to say that Israel should attack Iran’s nuclear reactors now. That it has the right to do so does not mean that it should not wait for a more opportune time. The law of war does not require an immediate military response to an armed attack. The nation attacked can postpone its counterattack without waiving its right.’

That the Palestinians do not enjoy the same right of response to military attack is obvious. A note to the Chinese, however: Remember that time NATO accidentally bombed your embassy in Belgrade? You can still retaliate!

And as for the United Nations, if you ever feel like attacking Israel, just invoke the 1996 bombing of your compound in Qana, or the 2006 bombing of your outpost in Khiam.


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