Occupying the Bases: April 9th and Iraq’s ‘Day of Salvation’

Now we’re talking:

Two communiques co-signed by “The Popular Movement to Save Iraq”, “The Popular Front to Save Kirkuk”, “The Student and Youth Organization of a Free Iraq”, “The Movement in Steadfast Basra to Liberate the South” and “The Iraqi Association of the Tribes of Southern and Central Iraq”outline their demands and the means by which they hope to achieve them.

Those demands include:

–          The unconditional departure of the occupying forces

–          The revocation of the security agreement which violates the sovereignty and independence of Iraq

–           The revocation of the sectarian and ethnic quota system in the political process

–           The building of a civil Iraqi state through transparent elections, without the interference of the occupation forces or any foreign, regional force, especially Iran

–          The release of the innocent prisoners from occupation and government prisons

–          The disclosure of the location of secret prisons that are scattered all over Iraq’s provinces

–          Carrying out the demands of our people which were outlined during the “Uprising of Rage” on February 25th

–          The formation of an independent judicial committee to investigate the actions of the security forces against peaceful demonstrators [involved in protests over this last month]


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