The FBI plot thickens

That a Newscorp channel carries a story exposing past FBI plots, should tell us something about the real agenda behind the alleged saudi ambassador assassination attempt. This is not to ratchet up war rhetoric, but to pit two middle east countries against each other, while Obama can focus on counting jewish election campaign money, while drones kill more civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia. 

Then, this and this should embarrass the hell out of those white house fools. No wonder Hillary has had enough. From the Atlantic article:

‘.. But we don’t yet understand why a man arrested — purportedly for an assassination attempt — waived his right to a lawyer and within hours started to give the government all the evidence it needed to fill in any gaps in their case. His cooperation is all the more curious given that four of the five charges against him (the fifth is using interstate commerce to arrange a murder for hire) are conspiracy charges that probably couldn’t have been charged before Arbabsiar implicated Shakuri. The government surely could have charged him with other things, such as wire fraud, without the conspiracy charges. So why would Arbabsiar provide the evidence for four new charges against him that could put himself in prison for life?’



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