Sheikh Usama Al Attar Update

Apparently he’s been released, al hamdulillah

Canadian imam Shaykh Usama Al-Atar was released Monday after he was arrested and reportedly beaten while on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

More updates as they become available here.


2 thoughts on “Sheikh Usama Al Attar Update”

  1. WE HAVE TO REPORT all abuse when at hajj to are countries which we are citizens,this will stop harrassment bySaudi..Also before we travel to saudi would be great if we notify arecountry we live about are concerns and this would warn Saudi that are countries are watching this

  2. We are at the beginning of a new era of islamic awakening. People will not take any abuse from their oppressive governments. Yesterday the new crown prince of saudi arabia threatened with an ‘iron fist’ to crush any dissent during and after hajj. this is a direct threat to anybody who has any political awareness, and in turn will stand up to true Islam. they think they can silence all these millions with threats. They don’t understand (and never understood) that they can kill our bodies, but the truth will live on.

    The more we are organised and prepared the harder it will be for them to cause harrassement.

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