The Syria Debacle – Thierry Meyssan

In the absence of a better solution, Washington has decided to exploit the Syrian case in order to embarrass Moscow and Beijing. The establishment of the Syria Accountability Clearinghouse boils down to the launching of a new anti-Syrian propaganda campaign, not to pave the way for a NATO intervention, but to accuse Russia and China of being dictatorships supportive of another dictatorship. And sanctions no longer aim to dishearten the bourgeoisie in an effort to turn it against the regime, but to make Russia and China pay for Syria.

U.S. Hands Off Mali! – An Analysis of the Recent Events in the Republic of Mali, by the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality

It has been known for decades that vast oil deposits likely lie beneath the sands of the northern desert regions — a fact that has been elaborately denied by successive U.S. ambassadors, although the oil deposits had been predicted in the 1950s by French geologists.  In February of this year, two foreign companies signed oil and gas exploration deals with the Malian government “that oblige them to invest millions of US dollars in the search of petroleum in the country’s vast desert.  Both Algeria’s national oil company SONATRACH and the Canadian owned Selier Energy say that the vast Taoudeni basin, at Mali’s borders with Mauritania and Algeria, shows great potential for major oil and gas discoveries.”  In a world hungry for energy resources, who will get control of these reserves?  U.S. strategists are fearful of China’s growing influence, adding competition to greed as motives to control the area.


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