A glance at Lady Fatimah Al Zahra (as)

(what follows is a translation of the arabic original posted earlier)

To appreciate the stations of the Infallibles (as), requires the understanding of a composite  mixture made of two parts:

First: a detailed view of their lives (acquired knowledge), and knowing the legacy left by them, through the reliable sources from the Quran and Sunnah, about their status in the eyes of God (awj). This theoretical inductive knowledge is the best method in this regard!  The Hadith and historical wealth of our time is immeasurable compared to any other era, which is due to the rapid spread of media, printed books, and dissemination of information in various media sites. So anybody can now possess a large amount of information in a very short period of time.

Second: of the tributaries of knowledge, and the witnessing of the stations of these Pure Beings, is to open ones’ heart, and through illumination and inspirational knowledge. The Lord of the Worlds did not make for Himself unchanging laws, therefore, when He wills, He makes exceptions, and does what He pleases, and removes what/whom He wants, and puts in place what/whom He wantsRevelation is unique to prophets, without a doubt, but there is no reason why inspiration can come to those who have opened their chest to illumintionist knowledge, as with the mother of Moses, and also to Mary, peace be upon her, as was also to certain insects {And your Lord inspired the bee}. The term al-Sadr (heart/chest) is a Qur’anic expression, and not an expression taken from the (devoid) gnostic books .. {expand to me my Lord my chest and facilitated my task for me}, this is a call of Moses, when he wanted to rebuke the Pharaoh of his time, so before requesting the miracles, he asked Him to expand his chest.

Therefore, understanding the stations of Lady Fatimah (as), requires this expansion of the chest. It seems that this brief description by the Prophet and the Imams peace be upon them for Al Zahra peace be upon her, is sufficient to shed light on the greatness of her character: The Prophet (s) never spoke in emotional terms about Fatima, being a part of him, and his spirit, and the smell of paradise emanates from her etc … These expressions reveal a strong link between the Fatimid soul and the Muhammadan spirit, as if there is a kind of union and equality between these two spirits. Therefore, Fatima (as) after the death of the Prophet (PBUH), did not bear to stay in this life, although her martyrdom and death was a great loss for Ali peace be upon him, since he lost a faithful wife, and a mother of his children .. But it seems that Fatima (AS) did not bear to live after the death of her father, like a tree whose roots have been cut from beneath the ground.

As for Imam Mahdi (as), and in defining his mother Fatima (as), is expressed in his known signature: that his mother Fatima is like a role model. That is, she is a source of an example to be followed in Islam. Just as the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was a perfect example, so too was Fatima (as). The clearest tribute to her greatness can be seen in words of Imam Al-Askari (as), when he says in the famous tradition (in rough terms): that the Imams peace be upon them all are the proofs of God for creation, and Fatima is a proof on us .. meaning that Fatima is an intermediary for the transmission of divine knowledge to the hearts of Imams (as). And our imams (as) in some reports, used to reveal some of the secrets and important facts, and attribute them to Fatima (as). Imam Al Sadiq (as) reads and transmits a narration, saying: This I found in my mother’s book (commentaries to the Holy Qur’an). The this is the book that she used to dictate to Ali (as), so she dictated by the inspiration of the Arch-Angel (Gabriel), and Ali (as) wrote it down.

This emotional loyalty to the Ahlul Bayt (as), must be embodied in the form of practical actions. Fatima (as) summed up her philosophy in the relationship between women and men, who interact closely these days, because Fatima founded a basis for all of us, and called for the separation of the sexes as far as possible, as she  said that is better for a woman to not see the men, nor men should see them, since she knows that the existence of these two elements without a legitimate relationship, could excite sensations in such situations. And we have seen that this unsolicited contact, is the cause of many slippages which occurred with many of our girls these days.

And, finally, a gnostic piece of information from her, when she enters Paradise, God Almighty inspires her with the words: O Fatima! .. Ask, and I will give you, and wish upon Me, I will content you, then she says: my God! .. You are (my) desire and above (what I) desire .. Through this eloquent gnostic answer her view of existence is summarized.


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