Armenian Genocide: 97 Years of Global Denial


Armenians around the world commemorated the atrocities carried out by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. It is estimated that around 1 million civilians were killed in ruthless fashion, crimes that did not distinguish between the young and the old, or between women and men. 97 years on, the families of those who lost their lives still march in pursuit of recognition, arguing justice is not bound by time.

In Lebanon, the only Arab country to recognize the Genocide, the Armenian diaspora marched from Antelias to the Turkish embassy. Waving the Armenian and Lebanese flags, protesters held placards calling for recognition in three languages: Armenian, English and Arabic. (al Akhbar)

Armenians in Lebanon


4 thoughts on “Armenian Genocide: 97 Years of Global Denial”

  1. Dear Ali, what genocide are you speaking about? This is the false history, brother. You didn’t see the genocide. The genocide did armenians against shia azerbaijanis in Gharabakh in 1992 febryary 26. Wanna see genocide? Here please

    And today 1 000 000 Azerbaijanis are without their homes and lands. 20% land of shia land – Azerbaijan is occupied by armenians.

    These are 1% of fatcs. I don’t want to speak about 1918 31 march genocide. If you want you can read

  2. Dear Brother, I apologize if this post has hurt your feelings. I am no expert in either Armenian or Azeri history. I’m trying to cover something that has been completely ignored in the western media for a very long time. I never heard of the horrible Gharabakh massacre, therefore cannot comment on it. But nobody can deny turkish brutality towards arabs and armenians during the ottoman years. Only God knows how many hundreds of thousands or millions they’ve massacred.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me know about the shia genocide in Azerbaijan. I will look further into it and inshallah will make a special post on my blog.

  3. But Ottoman Empire never had something against arabs. Because they were muslims and they know very clear that Islam speread by arabs. Ottoman Empire had problems only with wahabis. I read about this and advice you too, brother.

    And Ottoman empire had problmes with shia Safawid empire. But this was not arab – turk problems. This was 50% madhhab problem and 50% political problem. They both wanted to be the bigest and the mopst powerful. And this was their mistake. And the interesting fact is they both get help from different europe countries without thinking that the christian Europe never let them be the most powerful.

    You sad that Armenian “genocide” is ignored. But brother, let me not to agree with you. Because armenains have a good lobby in europe and USA. And they help Armenain because they are christian and because Armenia is one of key countries to control Caucasus. That is why Azerbaijan can not get back its 20% land. In the end of XX century during 1988-1993 years Armenia occupied 20% land of Azerbaijan. And USA and Europe still keep silence. Why? We had 1 000 000 refugees.

    Four UN Security Council Resolutions have been passed during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. These resolutions have not invoked Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.,,,RESOLUTION,AZE,,3b00f15a60,0.html,,,RESOLUTION,AZE,,3b00f1684,0.html,,,RESOLUTION,AZE,,3b00f16520,0.html

    More on Karabakh and Azeri genocide

  4. DO you have an un-biased source of information on the ottoman empire and how they treated the people in the countries they occupied. To be honest my information on the ottoman empir’s treatment of arabs comes from syrian nationals who were fighting for freedom from ottoman and french rule (resistance fighters), and they were tortured pretty badly. I would love to read more on this so I can correct any mistakes in my historical knowledge, especially their treatment of shia.
    Thanks for the information on Karabakh and Azeri genocide. I will read and let you know my thoughts. Salam.

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