1 Ramadhan 1433

Wishing everyone happy travelling to the Beloved on this auspicious occasion.

When the west finds terrorist training interesting; can you imagine the outrage if this was a Hamas or Hizbullah-made video? – Syrian Rebels Use YouTube, Facebook for Weapons Training.

Introducing Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah

Nasrallah’s Message to Israel

‘They wrote that it took six years, and a massive intelligence effort costing hundreds of millions of dollars, to collect all the intelligence on scores of sites – mostly Hezbollah arms depots and missile platforms – so they could be attacked simultaneously. The subsequent airstrikes were described as devastating, likened to those of 5 June 1967, the destruction of the Syrian surface-to-air missiles in the Bekaa valley in 1982, or the shock-and-awe American bombing of Iraq in 1991 and 2003.’

How leftist “anti-zionists” are allied with Israel against Syria

World silent as Muslim massacre goes on in Myanmar




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