The tax of Wilayah

What is our duty towards wilayah? Is it enough to remember the Ahlul Bayt (as)? To make nice sounding poems eulogies? Should we just be proud to be their adherents? There’s a tax for being a Shi’a. And this tax is mentioned by one of Imam Ali’s sons:

Imam Al Baqir (as) said: Oh Jabir! Is it enough for those who call themselves Shia to say they love us? By Allah, nobody is a Shia except those who are pious and obey Allah! And they are not known except through their modesty, and sincerity and concentration (in prayer and dua), and honesty, and continuous remembrance of Allah, and fasting, and praying, and treating their parents well, and looking after their neighbors and poor and needy and orphans, and trustworthiness, and recitation of Quran, and do not talking about people and their matters (except in good mention), and they are the most trustworthy in safe-keeping things of their people.

Jabber said: Oh son of RasululAllah! We don’t know anybody today with these characteristics.

Imam Al Baqir said: Don’t let shaytan misguide you, if a man said: I love Ali and follow him, yet he doesn’t act upon his teachings, is like saying: I love RasululAllah and not acting upon his sunnah. This love will not benefit him at all. Fear Allah and obey His commands. There is no (blood)-relation between Allah and his creation. The most loved of servants to Allah and the most honourable are the most pious and the most active to their obedience. O Jabir, by Allah, there is no way to nearness to Allah except through obedience, and whoever is obedient to Allah is a our follower, and whoever disobeys Allah is our enemy, and you cannot become our follower except through action and avoidance of sins.


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