The world on Chavez (the bad)

Venezuela: Chávez’s Authoritarian Legacy (Human Rights Watch)

A Polarizing Figure Who Led a Movement (NY Times) – ‘He asserted greater state control over Venezuela’s economy by nationalizing dozens of foreign-owned assets, including oil projects controlled by Exxon Mobil and other large American corporations.’

Venezuela’s Chavez: An Outsized Personality, A Domineering Figure (AP) – ‘Chavez particularly irked Washington by providing 100,000 subsidized barrels of oil each day for Communist Cuba. In exchange, Fidel Castro provided Venezuela with doctors and intelligence agents, while forming a close father-son-type relationship with Chavez.’


Little Reaction In Oil Market To Chavez Death (AP) – ‘Chavez invested Venezuela’s oil wealth into social programs including state-run food markets, cash benefits for poor families, free health clinics and education programs. But those gains were meager compared with the spectacular construction projects that oil riches spurred in glittering Middle Eastern cities, including the world’s tallest building in Dubai and plans for branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi.’

Venezuelan Expatriates See a Reason to Celebrate (NY Times) – ‘They spoke of rebuilding Venezuela, maybe not now but soon. “Death is always lamentable,” said Angel Monterusco, 51, a computer software consultant, as he sat at a table with his family, “but it’s a new era. We had a dictator. There were no laws, no justice.”



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