Terrorist and Hostages

‘Many of the released hostages never took up arms. Some are elected members of the Palestinian parliament who were illegally abducted by Israel. Those who did take up arms did so for a very good reason – they were resisting ethnic cleansing, apartheid and occupation. This makes them freedom fighters, not terrorists. One of the prisoners, Nael Barghouti, was held hostage for 33 years. Several others have been imprisoned for over thirty years.

Why is it that one Israeli appears to be worth a thousand Palestinians?When it comes to prisoner swaps, the disproportion works in the Palestinians’ favour. When it comes to anything else, it doesn’t. Obviously. One day a Palestinian will be counted the equal of an Israeli Jew. Until then, the resistance would be well advised to do all it can to capture more terrorists to exchange for the remaining five thousand freedom fighters languishing in the Israeli gulag.

In this comment I’ve chosen my words carefully. I’ve called the Palestinian prisoners ‘hostages’ because they’ve been held as leverage for a ransom – the ransom being Palestinian submission. (This isn’t all; they’ve been held also to satisfy the narrative of Israeli innocence and Palestinian criminality). I’ve called the Israeli prisoners ‘terrorists’ because they operated in an organisation which applies physical and psychological violence against civilians for political purposes.’


A new approach to Theology

The other day I read about a study (published about a month ago), which made me feel that today, more than ever, the importance of building strong and intelligent Islamic institutions, headed by a strong and intelligent Islamic leadership of scientists and scholars, is fundamental in facing contemporary challenges, both within the Islamic Ummah (nation), and external to it. This study found that:

‘European school books present a distorted image of Islam and Muslims, using stereotypes that breed mistrust of the faith and its people, …

This slanted view reflects “cultural racism,” concluded Germany’s Georg Eckert Institute for textbook research, which analysed 27 volumes used in classrooms in Britain, France, Austria, Spain and Germany. The report, which was presented at the foreign ministry in Berlin, was billed as the first of its kind in Europe. “Islam is always presented as an outdated system of rules which has not changed since its golden age,” Susan Krohnert-Othman, the institute’s project director, told reporters.’

and, more importantly (my emphasis):

‘The researchers called on schools to present information on reforms advocated by Muslim clerics and intellectuals as well as the modernisation process within the religion.’

So, scholars of the west view Islam ”as an outdated system of rules which has not changed since its golden age”. And if scholars think that way, one cannot blame anyone except oneself for the materialists and religion-phobes attitude towards religion and its followers.

Therefore, from this e-podium, I propose something our intelligent and socio-politically aware scholars, from the late Imam Khomeini (qs) (who in my view, was the first modernizer of this religion of his generation), to Martyr Muhammad Baqir Al Sadr, to our esteemed scholar and Marja’ Seyyed Kamal Al Haydari, have been advocating and dedicating their lives towards (and in the case of Al Sadr, were martyred in the process). They revolutionized Islamic thinking, revitalized interest in religion, and helped pave the way for scholars like Murtadha Mutahhari and Dr Ali Shariati to spread their genius to the masses.

Firstly, scholars (and their students) of theology and theosophy, should explain religious doctrines (Divine unity, Prophethood, Imamate, etc), both to their followers and be prepared to answer challenges and questions from outside of the religious seminaries.

The importance of correct inference (Istidlal) should be emphesized in the seminaries. There exists 3 ways to provide evidence: scientific (istidlal ‘ilmi), rational (istidlal ‘aqli/burhani), and scripture (istidlal naqli). Therefore the theologian/theosopher should understand the subject matter at hand, so that he/she can apply the correct method of providing evidence.

You see, this is where the materialists started confusing the two (knowingly or un-knowingly). They request evidence for a subject using the wrong methodology. They fail to understand (again knowingly or un-knowingly) that you cannot use the empirical scientific method to prove the existence of a non-material being. Just like you can’t use scripture to prove evolution or any other scientific theory. You have to specify the subject matter before deciding which method is suitable to establish the proofs.

One law established in the materialist school of thought, within their concept of logic, is that any subject that cannot be proven empirically (ie in the external visible material world) is not even worth addressing, or to prove its truth or falsehood is pointless. They calim the first question when dealing with the concept of a god, is not whether such a concept exists or not, but the question should be whether this concept has a meaning or whether it is nonsensical. And they believe that all concepts pertaining to religion have no meaning at all and are nonsensical, so it is pointless to investigate their truth or falsehood. So we ask them, what is the method to establish whether a concept has meaning or not? They say: a concept has meaning if you are able to establish the subjective reality of that concept by seeing whether the truth or falsehood of the concept changes the subjective reality of it. So for them, the existence or non-existence of God is the same, since there is no change in the subjective reality in either case.  So based on that, to the materialists the external reality equals matter, and it is the responsibility of the theologian to provide evidence that in fact this is not so, and reality does not equal (just) matter. This has to be established before debate can continue.

The importance of the theologian to be aware of the current scientific trends and contemporary problems, socio-political, economical, etc., is essential to keeping the religion up-to-date. Along with that, he should be aware of the limits of science, the limits of the intellect and the rational method, and the limits of scripture, and to avoid mixing the methods and subject matters. To the above example of materialists, the same must be said about those who have not understood the power of the rational argument and have limited themselves to scripture. When you ask them: is God One? They say: we don’t know, the scripture available to us says He is One, and that is our proof! They failed to understand that this is a rational subject matter and hence can only be investigated by the rational argument. Hence, the one who is knowledgeable in the sciences (in the general sense of the word) of his time, is immune from any source of confusion. And it is his utmost responsibility to spread his knowledge by all means available to him.

This is where the importance of ijtihad (in the branches of the doctrines of religion) becomes evident. Just like we have ijtihad in the branches of jurisprudence, we need to keep the doctrines alive and fresh with the changing challenges of our era. And this is done by making sure the laws governing these doctrines are up-to-date and in line with the changing trends of our generation.

Islam-Bashing Bigots Train Counterterrorism Agents

"Kill them…including the children."

‘That’s how to solve the threat of militant Muslims?

This quote is from what one official involved in homeland security said was the theme of a speech by Walid Shoebat at an anti-terrorism training in Las Vegas in October 2010.’ Chip Berlet, Huffington Post

قناة العربية تدافع عن قتلة الامام الحسين وفتاوى في السعودية تحرم مشاهدة مسلسل " المختار "

فيما تتواصل المواقف المعادية التي تنتهحها قناة "العربية " التي تبث من دبي ، في توجيه اخبارها السياسية وتقاريرها الثقافية والفنية ضد الشيعة كما يظهر للمتتبعين لتغطيتها المستمرة لتطورات الاحداث السياسية في العراق منذ سقوط نظام صدام والبعث ومرورا في الانتخابات التشريعية الاخيرة في العراق في شهر اذار – مارس الماضي وحتى الفترة الاخيرة

قناة العربية في تقريرها الذي اعدته عن  مسلسل  "المختار " مساء الاثنين وبثته في  نشرتها الاخبارية المسائية اعتبرت مسلسل " المختار " بمثابة " اهانة " للرموز الدينية السنية !! وقالت " العربية " نقلا عن موقع معارض للنظام الاسلامي الايراني : " ان هذا المسلسل الناريخي يتعارض وبيان اية الله الخامنئي  الذي اصدره مؤخرا ويحرم فيه الاساءة للرموز الدينية السنية


TV series angers Sunni Muslims in Iran – Imam says film offensive to Prophet Companions:

‘An Iranian Sunni Muslim cleric ruled as forbidden, or Haram, the watching of a TV series currently being broadcast in Iran about a Shiite Muslim leader who set up a movement in 686 AD in the town of Kufa to avenge the death of Imam Hussein.
"Mukhtar Nameh" (The message of Mukhtar) demonstrates how the Shiites have always been persecuted and mistreated throughout history and how the suffering of the oppressed often haunts the oppressor.’

Al Arabiyah has reached a new low in instigating secterian strife and anti-shi’ism reporting.

27 November 2010

Korea Incident – The facts:

1) 70,000 South Korean troops were beginning a military drill…sharply criticized by Pyongyang as “simulating an invasion of the North” and “a means to provoke a war.”

2) ROK artillery units fired toward the DPRK from a battery close to the North Korean coast. The South acknowledges firing the shots.

3) The DPRK replied.

Is this a US provocation in its currency war with China, at the expense of South Korea’s economy?


Another house demolished.


Protesting the building of a new mosque vs. demolishing a decade old mosque (which in the BBC’s eyes is a not really a mosque, but a ‘mosque’…).

الإساءة للقرآن تهدف لتمرير سياسة الترهيب من الإسلام

((الإساءة إلى القرآن))

دعا قائد الثورة الإسلامية سماحة آية الله العظمى السيد علي الخامنئي الاثنين، المسلمين جميعا إلى الوقوف بوجه كل من يسيء للدين الإسلامي الحنيف والقرآن الكريم ومطالبة الولايات المتحدة بمحاسبة ومعاقبة كل الذين ارتكبوا هذه الجريمة وجاءت دعوة آية الله خامنئي على خلفية ما ارتكب في الولايات المتحدة من انتهاك صارخ لحرمة القرآن الكريم والإساءة للمقدسات الإسلامية

وجاء في نداء قائد الثورة الإسلامية "إن الإساءة الوقحة والمثيرة للكراهية والاشمئزاز لقدسية القرآن الكريم في أميركا التي حدثت في ظل دعم و أمام مرأى الشرطة الأميركية هي حادثة مريرة وعظيمة لا يمكن اعتبارها مجرد حركة حمقاء من قبل عناصر مرتزقة بل إنها خطوة مدروسة من قبل المراكز التي وضعت على جدول أعمالها سياستي الترهيب من الإسلام ومعاداة الإسلام منذ سنوات عدة والى الآن وبدأت نزالا مع الإسلام والقرآن بشتى الأساليب والطرق

واعتبر آية الله الخامنئي أن هذه الجريمة "حلقة من الحلقات المخجلة التي بدأت بخيانة المرتد سلمان رشدي واستمرت عبر مبادرات رسام الكاريكاتير الدنمركي الخبيث وإنتاج عشرات الأفلام المعادية للإسلام في هوليود حتى وصلت الآن إلى هذا الاستعراض المشين والمهين" متسائلا "عمن يقف وراء هذه التحركات الشريرة ؟"

وأوضح أن "دراسة لهذه الأسلوب الشرير الذي كان مشفوعا بالأعمال الإجرامية في أفغانستان والعراق وفلسطين ولبنان وباكستان خلال هذه السنوات، لا تضع مجالا للشك لأحد بان غرفة العمليات والتخطيط لإطلاق مثل هذه المبادرات المشينة تدار بأيدي قادة أنظمة الهيمنة وغرف الفكر الصهيونية الذين يتمتعون بقدر كبير من النفوذ في الإدارة الأميركية والأجهزة الأمنية والعسكرية التابعة لها وكذلك في الحكومة البريطانية وبعض الدول الأوروبية

وأضاف دام ظله: "إن هؤلاء السلطويين هم الذين توجِّه التحقيقات التي تجريها لجان تقصي الحقائق المستقلة أصابع الاتهام إليهم بخصوص أحداث 11 أيلول. هذه الأحداث أصبحت ذريعة بيد الرئيس الأميركي آنذاك المجرم جورج بوش كي يشن حرباً على أفغانستان والعراق بعد أن أعلن بدء الحرب الصليبية كما صرح بالأمس – طبقا للتقارير الواردة – بان هذه الحرب الصليبية اكتملت بدخول الكنسية إلى الساحة

وأكد قائد الثورة الإسلامية "إن الهدف من وراء الخطوة المشينة الأخيرة هو من جهة جر معاداة الإسلام والمسلمين في الوسط المسيحي إلى داخل شرائح الشعب كي يتم تلوينها بالألوان المذهبية من خلال تدخل الكنسية والقساوسة وبدعم من التعصبات والتعلقات الدينية، ومن جهة فان الهدف من هذه الخطوة هو حرف أنظار الشعوب الإسلامية التي تفجر غضبها من هذا التجاسر الكبير وجرحت مشاعرها، عن قضايا وتطورات العالم الإسلامي والشرق الأوسط

وأضاف آية الله الخامنئي: "إن هذه الخطوة الحاقدة ليست انطلاقة لحركة، بل إنها تعتبر مرحلة من المراحل طويلة الأمد لمعاداة الإسلام بقيادة الصهيونية والنظام الأميركي، والآن وقف جميع قادة الاستكبار وأئمة الكفر في مواجهة الإسلام

وتابع: "إن الإسلام هو دين الحرية كما إن القران هو كتاب الرحمة والحكمة والعدالة، ومن واجب أحرار العالم كافة وجميع أتباع ملة إبراهيم عليه السلام الوقوف إلى جانب المسلمين لمواجهة السياسة الخبيثة المعادية للإسلام بهذه الأساليب الوقحة والمهينة التي رأيناها هذه الأيام في أميركا

وقال قائد الثورة الإسلامية "إن قادة النظام الأميركي لا يمكنهم تبرئة أنفسهم من تهمة مسايرة هذه الظاهرة المشينة من خلال الإدلاء بتصريحات خادعة و فارغة. وليعلم الجميع أن الحادث الأخير لا صلة له بالكنيسة والمسيحية كما لا ينبغي أن تحسب مثل هذه التمثيليات لعدد من القساوسة الحمقى والعملاء على المسيحيين ورجال دينهم

18 July 2010

‘Counter arguments to the veil ban’: this is a summary of a Martha Nussbaum NYT article (and her response to comments), exposing from a social and legislative perspective the poor islamophobic veil ban arguments.

british Jews support israeli war crimes’:

The Guardian was also quick to report that  77% of “British Jews favour a ‘two-state solution’ in Israel”.

Professor Dan McGowan pointed out recently that  Israel and Palestine are in fact  “one country with one water system, one electrical grid, one monetary system, one telephone system and one postal system.  It is already one state, although half the population has lesser rights or none at all.” Bearing McGowan’s insight, I wonder what drives 77% of British Jews? Why don’t they really welcome Palestinian people to return to their land and enjoy exactly the same civil rights British Jews celebrate in the UK?

Effectiveness of the ‘Boycott israel movement’.