The 5th Political Theory – Introduction Pt.2

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Geo-political realities, artificial borders and ‘constructive instability’

It’s a tragedy when the collective imagination of a people becomes a sacred reality, in relation to the existing political geography, as if it were destined to be this way, or as if it was some kind of immovable, untouchable, unalterable barrier. As a result of this new collective consciousness, wars are fought over those borders as easily as they would sing their national anthems.

The Fifth Political Theory is a revolt against all those inherited religious, sectarian and tribal conflicts, still present in the collective consciousness of the region. Some would say that the future is hostage to the crimes, stupidity, ambitions and fanaticisms of our ancestors, so when moving forward, we must take those things into consideration!

That’s nonsense! An enlightened mind sees the opposite to be true: what must be built is a future of revolt against all that stupidity and all those inherited conflicts and divisions. A revolt against those who have drawn our identities in the days of fanaticism, and defined our understanding in the days of devolution.

We shouldn’t blame the laymen for this tragedy, as much as we should blame the intellectuals, religious scholars and political leaders. These groups of people claim to be aware of the realities of matters and the affairs happening around them, having an explanation ready for anything that occurs, because they watch the news and read political analyses. Such is the shallowness of these groups, that they are ignorant of the complex global strategies of creating events in order to affect collective awareness and thinking. ‘The powers that be’ do this through the creation of ideas to create or influence events, or through the observation of the dynamics of social interaction and how it can be manipulated, or the influencing of collective consciousness through the control of media and the tools used to analyse global events. In this way, they are able to control people’s behaviours and the outcome of events.

That is how conflicts and wars are managed behind the scenes. Everyone is made to believe they are playing an active role, while in fact they are mere tools in someone else’s master plan.

The strategy of Constructive Instability

In 2005 the executive director of the influential Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Robert Satloff, wrote an open letter to the under-secretary of state for public diplomacy, Karen Hughes, with this recommendation: “Banish the terms ‘Arab world’ and ‘Muslim world’ from America’s diplomatic lexicon; be as country-specific as possible, in both word and deed. Radical Islamists want to erase borders and create a supranational world where the lines of demarcation run between the ‘house of Islam’ and the ‘house of war’ [meaning lands in which Islamic law is not applied]. Don’t cede the battlefield to them without a fight”. Satloff dubbed the strategy “constructive instability” and insists that the search for stability has been a feature of US policy in the region. “In other regions . . . US strategists debated the wisdom of stability . . . but George W Bush was the first president to argue that stability was itself an obstacle to the advancement of US interests in the Middle East… In this effort the US has employed a range of coercive and non-coercive measures, from military force to implement regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan, to a mix of carrots-and-sticks first to isolate Yasser Arafat and then to encourage new, peaceful, accountable Palestinian leadership; to the gentle (and increasingly less so) use of the bully pulpit to nudge Egypt and Saudi Arabia down the reformist path”.[1]

The most important information contained in this strategy is the dynamics of interaction or influence, across political borders, from Lebanon to the rest of the Arabic world, and vice-versa. It includes information on how media and politics work together dynamically, how military action works with the tools of political analysis, how political ideas work with religious and ideological thinking, and how national identities interact with sub-identities (religious and sectarian). Satloff spoke in the policy paper about a ‘Beirut endgame’ and Lebanon almost exclusively, as if it was a key starting point from which to target the rest of the region. The goal is to reformulate the collective awareness in the Middle East, and as a result to redraw its political maps, and to define the new political standpoints of the countries vis-a-vis themselves and with the West. [2]

There are various reasons why Lebanon is the ideal starting point to re-draw the regional map:

a) Lebanon is a country with multiple sects and religious denominations, like some of its neighbours, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Syria in particular, and any conflict between those groups will have a knock-on effect on the region.

b) Lebanon has a large Palestinian refugee population, and any instability in that country could affect the Palestinian refugee cause and taken advantage of.

c) Lebanon has a resistance, and anything that negatively affects it will affects the resistance axis.

d) Lebanon has a ‘free and independent media’, and a public that interacts with its media, which would undoubtedly cause neighbouring countries to interact with it as well. And through this media, we would be able to influence the general opinions of those neighbouring countries.

e) Lebanon holds parliamentary elections, which can be used to call others to replicate this model.

What Satloff didn’t mention in his study, is the effect of political assassinations and armed conflict (as has been the case in Lebanon) has had on the collective consciousness in Lebanon and the region. Especially, since this is something the US has made use of for some time, in order to influence the course of events in many countries.

Satloff’s policy document explicitly admits that there exists a strategy of instability, and admits that there is a complex plan that combines political and intellectual thinking, military strategy and media analysis, in the same way a molecular compound is broken apart and re-arranged to form a new compound.

In the face of such detailed strategic planning, we should ask ourselves: have we devised a response to such plans with a similar counter-strategy?

Have we mobilised politically and through social movements and the media in a way to be effective regionally across all borders? Have we cured our maladies, so as not to turn into obedient tools in the hands of those planning for ‘constructive instability’?


[1] Charara, Walid; Le Monde Diplomatique, ‘Constructive instability‘,  07/07/2005.

[2] Satloff, Robert; Assessing the Bush Administration’s Policy of ‘Constructive Instability’ (Part I): Lebanon and Syria, March 2005. And: Assessing the Bush Administration’s Policy of ‘Constructive Instability’ (Part II): Regional Dynamics‘.


It’s official: Hamas has sold out

I’ve only seen this mentioned in the JPost, so will have to wait for confirmation from Arab sources, but this makes what we’ve known for a while official: Hamas has given up armed resistance in return for power. This is the New (old) MIddle East. Security of the zionist enemy, in return for money and power. And all under the banner of ‘There is no god but Allah’.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said over the weekend that he was in favor of a peaceful and popular resistance and that he and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal have reached agreement on the need for a peaceful intifada.

A Look into the Britam Defence Data Leak Files

A Look into the Britam Defence Data Leak Files

Break down of each folder:

Syria Folder:

288 KB 
2 PDF files and 1 email file.

File name: CV P Doughty CV2 091.pdf
CV for Philip doughty who is the dynamic director and founder of Britam Defence, currently resides in UAE according to his CV.

File name: Phil Doughty PP1 7200830372.pdf
PDF copy of current English, Irish passport for Philip Doughty.

File name: Sirian Issue.eml
Email between David Goulding who is the Business Development Director and Philip regarding a new offer about an operation in syria.


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


Iran folder:

Size: 938kb
16 doc files and 1 email file total

The Iran folder contains heaps of operation plans of attack and defend as well as procedures for preventing or using chemical warfare  luring targets to kill zones, medical help, intelligence to the surrounding of operations and more. all together there appears to be 15 plans of operation.

It also has a file named Draft which is a email draft used for the announcement of the current operations. Appears the .doc operation files are the results of an attachment to from that email.

Preview of each of the attachments from the email.

[Gallery not found]

There is also a file named Iranian Issue.eml
Contact between phil and david over confirmation of plans of operations in iran by the saudis.


Please see attached details of preparatory measures concerning the Iranian issue.
Participation of Britam in the operation is confirmed by the Saudis.

Iraq Folder:

Size: 153 MB 
9 Folders, 7 PDF Files, 7 DOCX Files, 6 CSV Files, 2 image files

First file looked at was a summury report from STRATFOR titlled “Curious U.S. and French Military Deployments”. Other files include incident reports, weather reports, management plans for trips, data sheets and more.

Break down of sub Folders:

Britam Internet Networks & Passwords

2 PDF, 5 DOC, 1 folder that contains 4 further DOC files.

Sadly they have gone to the effort to created human readable documents in various formats that contain current login credentails for every single user related to Britam and its complete network.  the files appear to be various working with one pdf contain all information.


8 PDF, 1 CSV , 1 Image, 1 Folder named BP that contains full contract details and information.

Folder contains a list of contracts, the operations, the amount due or paid. Amongst these are agreements, history, payments, guides, charts, information and much more. It also has contract agreements about clearing land mines and keep roads safe of explosive devices.

Daily Orders

3.88 MB
53 DOC Files, 80 Excel files.

These contain daily movements for months of 2012, daily spending reports as well as a organisational chart.


9 DOC, 3 PDF, 1 Email, 1 power point presentation

These files consist of incident reports such as Britam security staff being stopped at check points and digital equipment being siezed. As well as drunk officers, requests for CCTV and security breach reports.


3 Images

Letters from the ministry of inertia of Iraq. Unknown content at time of publishing.



Contains Personal copys of passports of employees of Britam and other unknown related people. Passports are in variuos formats such as images, pdf etc.


5 PDF, 5DOC 37 Excel files

Daily mission reports for various mission that Britam has been or is involved with.


8 PDF 21 Doc

Contains restricted operation reports related to halliburton (


Contains weekly management meeting schedules and reports.

Struggle over the Middle East: Gas ranks first

‘Embracing the secret of the Syrian gas will let all know how big the game over gas is. Who controls Syria could control the Middle East, grip on the Gateway to Asia, possess the Key to Russia’s House, as Catherine 2nd put it, and could set foot on the Silk Road, according to China. Most importantly, they who could penetrate Syria for gas have the ability to dominate the world especially that the coming century is the Century of Gas. And with the contract Damascus signed to transport Iranian gas to the Mediterranean through Iraq, the geopolitical space would open and the gas space would close on the scene of Nabucco that used to be Europe and Turkey’s lifeline. Syria, undoubtedly, would be the key to the coming epoch.’

خطط أميركية إسرائيلية لنشر الفوضى في الشرق الأوسط

سهيل مطالقة
في كتابه «الاحتفال بالسيطرة المدنية للجيش» لمؤلفه Eliot Cohen الذي اعتبره جورج بوش الابن كتابا اساسيا ومهما في استراتيجيته العسكرية والمدنية له ولمستشاريه السياسيين والعسكريين من اليمين الاميركي المتطرف, والذي كان يحمله تحت ابطه في البيت الابيض متباهيا أمام مستشاريه بأنه يقرأ هذا الكتاب وينفذ ما جاء فيه رغم انه معروف عنه انه لا يقرأ ولا يشاهد التلفزيون بعكس سلفه الرئيس بيل كلينتون. يذكر الكاتب اليوت كوهين الدول والمنظمات الشرق اوسطية المستهدف تدميرها وهي
1 – الجزائر
2 – ليبيا
3 – مصر
4– السودان
5– لبنان
6– سوريا
7– العراق
8– السعودية
9 – ايران
10 – حزب الله
11 – حماس
12 – السلطة الفلسطينية
13 – والاسلام المتطرف

هكذا وضعت خطة للقيام بحرب كبيرة في الشرق الاوسط دون سبب مباشر لضرب هذه الدول ضربات مميتة وقاتلة, وليس فقط التجريد من السلاح لمراكز التطرف هذه وذلك لتؤكد لهذه الدول بأن محاربة الولايات المتحدة الاميركية او اسرائيل هو بمثابة انتحار ولكي تفهم ان عليها ان تكون موالية للولايات المتحدة الاميركية والتوجه مهرولة نحو السلام مع اسرائيل, هذه الخطة كانت وضعت في زمن حكومة رئيس وزراء اسرائيل بنيامين نتنياهو الاولى تحت عنوان

القراءة المتأنية للعقيدة التي وضعها تشيني – ولفووتز في هذا التقرير PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY تبين ان الخطة تدعو الولايات المتحدة لان تحكم العالم.. انها تدعو للسيطرة على الأصدقاء والأعداء معا انها تدعو الولايات المتحدة ان لا تكون اكثر قوة فحسب، او الأكثر قوة، بل الأكثر قوة بصورة مطلقة. ان الولايات المتحدة تحاول التحرك من العراق الى ايران وتحاول تقوية مركزها في تركيا واوزباكستان كمكان استراتيجي بشأن احتياطي البترول في بحر قزوين (المكان الذي تحاول الصين باستماتة الاستثمار فيه) وبالسيطرة على منابع البترول تحاول اميركا السيطرة على الاقتصاد العالمي للخمسين سنة القادمة

ولكي تبرر الولايات المتحدة وجودها العسكري في المنطقة فانها ترحب لا بل تدعم عدم الاستقرار والفوضى وتدعو له بشكل مكشوف, وبهذه الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار في المنطقة وبما فيه من تهديد بحرب اهلية كما حدث ويحدث في عدة دول عربية وشرق اوسطية, والمناخ الدائم من الخوف قد بدأ في الماضي القريب ويبدو الان اسهل طريقة لتجميع قوة دولية سياسية حول جهاز عسكري قوي واقتصاد حرب دائمة كما دعا اليه اليمين الاميركي المتطرف ويدعو اليه الآن في وسائل الاعلام الاميركية

ان العجز الدائم في الاقتصاد الاميركي, والمديونية المتراكمة والصرف باكثر من المدخول في الموازنة المالية الاميركية بسبب قيامها في حروب في الدول الاخرى وبناء القواعد العسكرية فيها سوف يسبب بانهيار الدولة الاميركية وانتحارها ما لم تقم الحكومة الاميركية وبشكل سريع بتغيير جذري في سلوكها (كما حدث في اميركا في اعوام 2008 و2009 و2010)

وفي كتاب بات بوكانان WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG وترجمته «حيث اخطأ اليمين» يقول الكاتب وهو مرشح رئاسي سابق وصاحب لسان يخافه كثير من اليمين المتطرف واللوبي اليهودي: «ان السياسة الاميركية قد تم اختطافها من قبل اللوبي اليهودي الاميركي. لقد باعت اميركا روحها للشيطان. لقد تنازلت اميركا عن مبادئها واستبدلتها بمقولة القوة هي الحق.. وبحجة نشر الديمقراطية تعطي اميركا لنفسها الحق في التدخل في أي مكان في العالم لفرض الديمقراطية. ان اميركا بحاجة الى سياسة خارجية تُدار في اميركا وليس في تل ابيب او منظمة «الايباك» او في منظمات يهودية اخرى

وهكذا خططت اميركا واسرائيل لنشر الفوضى العارمة في الشرق الاوسط الكبير والجديد ولكنها تفاجأ بالثورة الشبابية والشعبية العارمة في كل من تونس ومصر

والسؤال الملح الان هو ما هي اسباب هذه الثورة الشبابية في كل من تونس ومصر؟ واعتقد جازماً بأن أسباب هذه الثورة القوية العارمة تكمن في النقاط الهامة التالية

1) المخزون المتراكم من الذل والظلم والقهر وقمع الحريات والفساد والفقر والبطالة والتخلف بكافة اشكاله السياسية والعسكرية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية

2) غياب العدل والعدالة الاجتماعية، وعدم التقيد بالقوانين والتشريعات الضامنة لحقوق المواطنين وامنهم وعدم جدية الانتخابات التشريعية والبلدية والنقابية وغيرها

3) الاستعمار بكل ما فيه من ذل وظلم وقهر واستبداد وهيمنة منذ عام 1917 ومرورا بأعوام 1947، 1948، 1956، 1967، 1973، 2006، 2008 من قبل بريطانيا وفرنسا والآن من قبل الولايات المتحدة الاميركية واسرائيل

4) الاحتلال الاسرائيلي المدعوم من الولايات المتحدة ماليا وعقائديا لأراضي فلسطين وأراضي سوريا ولبنان، والخوف العربي الدائم من التوسع والزحف الاسرائيلي المتواصل لتحقيق حلمها الكبير والخطير: «من النيل الى الفرات ارضك يا اسرائيل»

5) الاستسلام والتنازلات العربية المجانية لاسرائيل واميركا والتفريط بحقوقها وغياب الضغط المباشر وغير المباشر خاصة على اميركا لتأمين حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني في القدس والحدود وحق العودة والمياه وحق الشعب الفلسطيني في قيام دولة فلسطينية مستقلة قابلة للحياة على ترابه الوطني وعدم مقاضاة اسرائيل في المحافل والمحاكم الدولية لعدم تنفيذها أي من قرارات هيئة الامم المتحدة ومجلس الأمن منذ عام 1947 وحتى الآن.

6) الاحتلال الاميركي للعراق بقوة السلاح واذلال الشعب العراقي وقتله وتدمير بنيته التحتية خدمة لاسرائيل (لانها القوة العسكرية الوحيدة التي كانت اسرائيل تحسب حساباها)، والاعتداء الاسرائيلي المتكرر على لبنان وكذلك مذابح اسرائيل الشنيعة في قطاع غزة والتهويد المتواصل للقدس الشريف والتهديد الاسرائيلي والاميركي المتواصل لسوريا وايران

7) التخبط في معرفة من هم الاصدقاء ومن هم الاعداء ومعاملتهم بالمثل، وعلى سبيل المثال وليس الحصر: كيف تكون علاقات الدول العربية جيدة مع بريطانيا وهي السبب الاساسي لمعظم مشاكلها؟ وكيف تكون علاقات الدول العربية مع اميركا جيدة وهي السبب الرئيسي في دعم احتلال وتوسع اسرائيل في العالم العربي؟
هل غاب عن العقل العربي معرفة من هي الدول الصديقة ومن هي الدولة العدو؟

8) كيف تقبل الدول العربية (وهي 22 دولة وعائدات بترولها ضخم جدا) ان لا يكون فيها قوة نووية لمعادلة قوة اسرائيل النووية(لدى اسرائيل 300 رأس نووي وهايدروجيني ونيوتروني واشعاعي وصواريخ لنقل هذه الرؤوس الى محيطها في الشرق الاوسط)

9) كيف تقبل الدول العربية منذ عام 1967 عدم تنفيذ اسرائيل لقرارات مجلس الأمن (242) و (338) والقرارات الاخرى؟ وكيف تقبل الدول العربية ان تكون عملية السلام بين اسرائيل والفلسطينيين والدول العربية الاخرى عملية خداع وكذب وسراب وملاهاة كبرى؟

وكيف تسكت الدول العربية على الفيتو الاميركي المتكرر في مجلس الامن لصالح اسرائيل وعدم مساءلتها دولياً؟

وما هو الدرس الذي يمكن تعلمه من الاحداث المذهلة في تونس ومصر وليبيا ؟ الدرس هو كما قال جيمس زغبي (مؤسس ورئيس المعهد العربي – الاميركي – بواشنطن) في مقال في جريدة الرأي في 14/2/2011 ان صوت الرأي العام العربي قد بات مهماً، ومهماً جداً، ويضيف الكاتب الاميركي المحب للعالم العربي «فقد ادخلوا (الشباب) عاملاً تحويلياً جديداً في المعادلة السياسية للمنطقة. فلن يكون من الممكن بعد الان للولايات المتحدة العمل والتصرف وكأن الرأي العام العربي غير موجود. ولن يكون ممكناً لها بعد الان فرض ما تشاء من سياسات على شعوب المنطقة، وتوقع ان تلك الشعوب سوف تقبل بها من دون نقاش.

ولن يكون بمقدورها بعد اليوم اخذ السجال الاسرائيلي الداخلي او اراء الرأي العام الاسرائيلي في الحسبان وتجاهل السجال الداخلي والرأي العام في الدول العربية
المصدر: الرأي، عمّان/ نقلا عن مركز الزيتونة

Middle East Analysis in the JPost and Time Magazine

The fact that these two jew-controlled media outlets are playing into the wikileaks narrative of arab hostility towards Iran and its allies, and building on the american sponsored goal of a ‘new middle east’ embroiled in constant sectarian strife and civil wars, should come as no surprise to people of awareness and insight of the true plans of these satanic forces.

‘Arab World: Hizbullah’s throne of bayonets: Iran-Syria-Hizbullah axis is still highly agitated despite doubts that indictments by UN tribunal investigating Hariri’s murder can be enforce;’ Jonathan Spyer, JPost

‘.. But if this is the case, and it is, why is the Iran/Syria/Hizbullah camp so clearly jittery and worried by the events surrounding the tribunal? Why the wishful thinking in the newspapers evident this week, when the pro-Hizbullah Al-Diyar published a statement by Saad Hariri apparently abandoning the tribunal, which turned out to be entirely fictional?..’ ‘… More importantly, why the stark and repeated threats from Hizbullah and Iranian officials regarding the consequences if the Tribunal is not abandoned?’

The writer has obviously ignored more than a year of logical and rational evidence provided by Hizbullah and its allies in the opposition, calmly proving without a doubt that the zionist enemy is behind the assassination. They have nothing to hide and hence nothing to fear. They are prepared for any possibility. Of course, we cannot expect any reliable and honest argumentation from a JPost writer. Hizbullah and Iran never threatened any faction in Lebanon. Their warnings are aimed at countering the threat emanating from the false witnesses and those that back them, inside and outside the country. The resistance is warning those backers, whose only aim is the constant instability of the country, that their plans will backfire, and for any collaborators to rethink their motivations.

The rest of the article is not worth commenting on, as it is full of blatant distortions of history and incitement to the sectarian narrative of the zionist and american plan for the middle east.


Hizballah Fears ‘Qaeda’ Type Attacks from Lebanese Sunnis’, Nicholas Blanford, Time Magazine –

‘ … Hizballah’s decision to help Bakri may seem odd given that the Salafist cleric has in the past criticized the Shi’ite organization.’ and ‘ …Now I’m working to bring Sunnis and Shi’ites together on certain issues, such as confronting Israel," Bakri said in his home in Tripoli, Lebanon’s religiously conservative second largest city…’

From the above two sentences one would think that there is serious effort to put the past behind them and work towards a unified approach to resolve Lebanon’s problems, which is the reality. Of course good news like this doesn’t sell papers, and the writer soon reverts to zionist script given to him by his masters at the american embassy in Beirut.

‘With Sunni-Shi’ite tensions on the rise in Lebanon, Hizballah has been seeking allies within the small but potentially dangerous Salafist community — a sect that generally does not even recognize the Shi’ite branch of Islam.’

‘Sheikh Dai al-Islam Shahhal, the most prominent Salafist leader in Lebanon and the other speaker at the conference, said the accusations were justified. "Hizballah is threatening to change the face of the country and this is a bullying act and arrogant," he told TIME in his office in Tripoli to nods of agreement from some of his followers seated around the room. "Hizballah sees the Sunnis as an obstacle to executing its program, which is to take over politically in Lebanon and to work with Iran."’

Seyyed Hassan:We do not sell ourselves and our martyrs’ blood for the sake of power


His eminence said that the war on the Resistance witnessed five major phases, adding that we are witnessing the fifth phase in the framework of the campaign against the Resistance.

Quoting former US President George W. Bush and former British PM Tony Blair in recently published books, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the two men have acknowledged of the atrocities committed by them in the region. “The spirit Tony Blair and George Bush had when they came to the region was destroying countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan for the sake of Israel,” his eminence said. “Blair does not speak about changing the regime but, rather, about destroying the Syrian State.”

According to the Resistance leader, the five-phase war on the Resistance started following the 2000 victory which launched a new era in the conflict, with the Americans and Israelis, vowing to fight the Resistance that defeated them.

The first phase in targeting the Resistance was the confrontation with the international community, which had started with Resolution 1559.
He quoted Israeli former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom as stating following the 2000 victory that he did a tour around the world with the aim of putting Hezbollah and the Resistance in Lebanon in the face of the international society.
Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Resolution 1559 was an American-French production, noting that former French and US President Jacques Chiracque and George Bush were the ones behind it. “The priority for Chiracque was to impose a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon while the priority for Bush was ending the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance in order to serve the new Middle East project.”

The second phase started in 2005, and it had targeted the Resistance in a "soft" manner under the headline "Temptation with Power," Sayyed Nasrallah announced, pointing to the stage when the French wanted to engage Hezbollah in politics, thinking that the party would renounce its arms.
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the administration of former French President Jacques Chirak had its belief that engaging Hezbollah in political would end up by the party’s disarmament. “He told the president of one of the region’s states that he was concerned with ending the Resistance in Lebanon and disarming it, but through politics. He though that by engaging us in politics, we will feel that we can’t remain in the Resistance field and we will abandon our arms by ourselves.”
Sayyed Nasrallah said that Chirak has been given a deadline of one year and a half to achieve this goal because the birth of the US much-awaited New Middle East couldn’t wait more time. “We, in Hezbollah, had been offered a share of power more than any other party in Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, revealing at the same time that issue of tripartite power-sharing was a French idea. “We never considered it. I challenge all the world to find only one stance for a leader in Hezbollah or AMAL or any Shiite citizen in Lebanon speaking about tripartite power-sharing. The French are the ones who raised the issue.”
“Once again, they failed because they were mistaken and they didn’t understand us well,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “They offered us the tripartite power-sharing in order to abandon the Resistance, leave Syria and enter the Western scheme. They were mistaken. They didn’t know that our resistance is not aimed at obtaining positions in power. We do not sell ourselves and our martyrs’ blood for the sake of a third of power, not even for the sake of the entire power.”
“You were mistaken again and you couldn’t achieve anything.”

Turning to the third phase in the war on the Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah said that it was the military war, the plan to create a “New Middle East.”
His eminence noted that the US objective was not to solve Lebanon’s problem, but rather Israel’s. “We as Lebanon should not forget this US constant. The US is not concerned by Lebanon or Syria or Iraq or Iran or Pakistan or any other state. All what concerns the US is Israel’s security, Israel’s power, Israel’s steadfastness and nothing else. This is the absolute US constant.”
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the Israeli war on Lebanon was decided by the US. “Bush thought that Hezbollah could be destroyed in a week during the July War, and when the opposite was proved, Bush was disappointed and he demanded to elongate the war, thinking it was a golden chance for Israel to destroy Hezbollah. But when the Resistance proved its steadfastness and the atrocities and massacres were uncovered, the war was ended. Bush didn’t end the war to save Lebanon but rather to save Israel and to prevent the US isolation. He also says he did so to save the so-called democratic government of Fouad Saniora. This is a pure lie. He seeks to say that there’s a democracy in Lebanon and that the US is working to safeguard it. This is baseless. Bush was still at the White House when the May 7 incidents took place. What did he do to save Saniora’s democratic government?”

After emphasizing that the war has failed in achieving its goals, Sayyed Nasrallah raised some questions about some Lebanese involvement in the war. “We have the right to ask on behalf of 1140 martyrs who fell during the war whether there were any Lebanese political forces and leaderships that had asked for a war on the Resistance. Was there anyone who had asked for elongating the war so that Israel be able to destroy the Resistance? What are the roles played by these Lebanese leaderships during the war? Is there anyone in Lebanon responsible of the delay in the solution? The answer is yes.”

“Here again, you were mistaken in estimating our power and capacity as well as our faith. You were mistaken in everything.”

The fourth phase in the campaign against the Resistance was May 5, Sayyed Nasrallah said, in reference to the American-inspired decisions taken by the Lebanese government against the Resistance.
“The aim was to create tension between the Resistance and the army at one side and sow strife between Sunnis and Shiites at the other,” his eminence noted.
“The plot was thwarted on May 7, in only three hours,” Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out. “Thus, the fourth phase failed in achieving its goals,” his eminence added. “And once again, you misunderstood our priorities, our way of thinking. You were mistaken and you’re still.”

Hezbollah Secretary General then turned to the final and last phase in the campaign against the Resistance, represented by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and its expected indictment in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

“Bush’s book mentions the equation of the Lebanese government vs. the Resistance, their objective was to strike the Resistance to force it to surrender, and here they also made wrong calculations. Their logic was simply to accuse Shiite men of involvement in the assassination of the most important Sunnite leader and then issue a verdict in this regard, call the Lebanese government after it signed an agreement with the STL to arrest the men. The latter would send army troops to perform the mission. The battle will start between the army and the Resistance. This is their plot.”

“Here again, we’re facing wrong calculations. They think that Hezbollah would collapse in case they accuse it of involvement in Hariri’s murder. They’re again mistaken.”

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, reiterated Hezbollah stance towards such scenario. “We don’t accept any accusation of this kind,” his eminence declared, adding that the opposition in Lebanon is consolidated and united in the face of this new plot. “They thought the resistance will remain isolated. But this didn’t happen.”

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah was more than clear and firm in facing the plot prepared for the Resistance.

“Whoever thinks the resistance could possibly accept any accusation against any of its jihadists or leaders is mistaken – no matter the pressures and threats.”

“Whoever thinks that we will allow the arrest or detention of any of our Mujahideen is mistaken. The hand that attempts to reach them will be cut off.”
“Whoever thinks that the resistance will not defend itself and its honor against any accusation or attack by whatever means it finds appropriate, in agreement with its allies in Lebanon, is mistaken.”

“Whoever thinks that threatening us with another Israeli war will scare us is mistaken. On the contrary, whoever speaks of another war is bearing good news and not threatening us. We wait this day in which we will be able to achieve, God Willing, the greatest victory.”

Hezbollah Secretary General noted that the false witnesses in the case should be sued and prosecuted as a first step to reach the truth. “Who want truth and justice sues the false witnesses and finds out who fabricated them. Now, we’re debating whether they should be transferred to the ordinary judiciary or the Judicial Council. Then why the judiciary didn’t act until this moment? Because their real stance is that there are no false witnesses or, even better, that this file will lead to one of the greatest scandals. They’re protecting the false witnesses to protect those who actually fabricated them.”